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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ contains two sections: Technical and General.

Questions regarding using your account can be found in the Technical section.


How can I get my verification code resent?
Go to
this page.

I forgot the email address I used to join BB7M with. What do I do now?
Check the messages you received when you joined. They have the subjects "BigBooster7Million Email Verification" and "Thank you for joining BigBooster7Million!" If you no longer have these messages, try logging in with all the email addresses you've used since the time you joined BB7M.

I lost my password. How do I find out what it is?
You can retrieve your password here. Unless you've changed it, you can also get it from the "Thank you for joining BigBooster7Million!" message.

Can I change my BB7M email address?
Yes. Log in to the Member Area and click on "Change Your Email Address." (Note that the new email address will be verified. Changing your email address to an autoresponder or invalid address is an abuse of the BB7M system and may result in cancellation of your account.)

I received an invitation and I signed up. I tried to log in to the Member Area using my email address and password, but it did not work. I got this error message: "Log in failed: Email address and/or password incorrect." What should I do?
Go here to retrieve your password. And be sure to use the same email address you used to sign up with (unless you previously logged in to BB7M and changed it). Also, be sure you're not mistaking a lower case "L" for the numeral one, or the letter "O" for a zero, etc.

Am I allowed to add my own website to my BB7M main page?
Yes. You can add any website provided it does not promote anything illegal, pornographic, or objectionable. You can add up to three URLs for websites or programs. You do this by logging in to the Member Area and clicking on "Edit Your Program or Website Details."

How do I add, change, or delete programs/websites on my BB7M main page?
Log in to the Member Area and click on "Edit Your Program or Website Details." Follow the instructions on that page.

I entered my URLs but they don't work; what should I do?
Be sure to copy and paste them in correctly.

I am new to computers. How do I copy/paste?
Consult the manual that came with your computer or ask a computer-knowledgeable friend for assistance.

How do I know who my sponsor is?
Log into the Member Area and click on "View Your Upline."

How can I find out who is in my downline?
Log in to the Member Area and click on "View Your Downline." The details of your first two levels are provided. You may want to communicate with them and assist them to promote BB7M successfully. You should not use their email addresses to promote other programs to them.

When I view my downline, it shows only 3 members under the first and second level, while I have many more than 6 members in my downline. Why is this?
It's possible to have one person on your first level, one on your second, and thousands below that. You might have sponsored one person, who then sponsored one person, who then sponsored thousands. In this case "view your downline" will show two people, while you have thousands in your downline.

Why do you only show the first two levels of my downline?
The BB7M management decided that showing more than two levels requires too many system resources.

But I want to help everyone in my downline succeed. How can I do that if I don't know who they are?
The best way to help your downline is to work closely with your first two levels, and teach them to do the same with their first two levels, etc. This approach uses the true power of duplication and networking. Of course you also have the ability to send email to your entire downline once per week. This can be a powerful communication tool for building a strong and cohesive team!

How do I send an email to my entire downline?
Log in to the Member Area and click on "Send an Email to Your Downline."

Do my emails to my BB7M downline go out as soon as I submit them or are they programmed for future delivery?
The emails are not sent immediately. They are put into a queue, which sends the emails in batches on a regular time interval around the clock.

When I send email to my downline, is there a possibility I'll be accused of sending spam?
Members of BB7M have to accept the Member Agreement when they join. This agreement states, in part, "BB7M members agree to receive up to one email per week from each of the up to 15 members in their upline, i.e., they agree to receive up to 15 emails per week as a result of their BB7M membership." A reminder of this is automatically included in your outgoing message when you use the "Send an Email to Your Downline" function in BB7M.

If I have problems with using the BB7M website, can I get help from you?
Please first try to determine if the problem is actually with our site. We receive many help requests where the problem turns out to be an error on the user's part. If you are new to computers or the Internet, you should first seek assistance >from a friend or associate who is more knowledgeable in this area. If you are still unable to solve the problem, you can use the Help Request Form to describe the problem to the BB7M administrator.

Do you have a forum for BB7M where I can ask questions or make suggestions?
You can post any questions regarding BB7M to the Financial Independence list. To subscribe, send a blank email to: or click here. (Note the answer to the previous question.)

How do I delete my account?
Log in to the Member Area and click on "Delete Your Account". Follow the instructions on that page. PLEASE NOTE: Deleting your account is PERMANENT. Deleted accounts cannot be restored.

Can you explain the (ID#1) statistics?
BB7M management actively promotes the BigBooster7Million program, using ID#1. The "Total # of people sponsored by ID#1" is the total number of people who joined BB7M from the ID#1 URL since we started BB7M. The "Total # of BB7M Members" is the current total. These statistics demonstrate that BB7M enjoys considerable "market acceptance" and that our members are marketing BB7M actively and effectively.

Do you have a list of browsers which you have confirmed work with BB7M?
Yes, BB7M works with Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Internet Explorer, Konqueror, Lynx.

When I want to log into the Member Area I access my BB7M home page. This increments the visitor count. Is there a separate log-in page I can use to log in without incrementing my visitor count?
Yes, click here.


Why is BB7M such a powerful marketing tool?
A friend recently emailed us, "I can spend hours promoting things to FFA boards, message boards, ezines, opt-in safe lists and just get a handful of hits and even fewer sign ups. It's discouraging. The truth is that the net is super-saturated with advertising." By using BB7M as a marketing tool, you get the solution to this problem. The nature of the Internet as a marketplace is that the number of "things" being marketed is most likely growing faster than the number of prospects. Most Internet marketers enjoy little success.

In the first six days after BB7M's launch, more than 2,000 people joined -- a modest success! Much of this initial growth came from people like you who joined BB7M and promoted it to their contacts. This is evidence that with BB7M you're likely to get a higher response than my friend above has been accustomed to.

On what principles is BB7M based?
BB7M is partially based on some very powerful marketing concepts from
Success Arsenal!(sm). The best $86 we ever spent was to purchase Success Arsenal!(sm)! (Note: We don't want to "steal" anyone's downline, so if your BB7M sponsor also promotes Success Arsenal!(sm), please join from his or her website. This also applies to any other programs we mention and/or promote in this FAQ.)

What is the main idea behind BB7M?
The main idea is that you create a "community" to market to. Your downline is your community. Over time, your community can get to know and trust you. In general, you get a much higher response when you market to your community, compared to marketing to strangers.

What are the best ways to promote BB7M?
See "How to Promote BB7M". Many Internet marketers look for a "magic wand" that will bring instant success. They think if they can just find the right place to promote their program(s), or use the best "gimmicks" in their emails, people will join their program(s) in droves. Very few hit the jackpot this way. If you get to master certain marketing concepts and principles (and avoid certain mistakes), your marketing will become more effective. The best way I know of to learn the basics is from Success Arsenal!(sm)! (See "downline stealing" note above.)

Is BB7M just your "clever" way of marketing Success Arsenal!(sm)?
No. We have a lot more to market than Success Arsenal!(sm). If you can pull it off, a great way to promote BB7M is to use it to become a successful promoter of some program and to then persuade the principal(s) of that program to join BB7M and promote it to their entire membership. However, such an approach is generally a "long shot" with so little chance of success that it's not worth pursuing. Nevertheless, if you successfully promote BB7M to a "heavy hitter" or two, your downline community could grow dramatically!

Where else can I learn more about how to market BB7M?
Zero-Risk Money-Making & No-Cost Marketing and Marketing Resources & Free Submitters. See also Six-Figure Income. (See "downline stealing" note above.)

Are there any rules I should know about promoting BB7M?
We have put together some guidelines to help you properly promote BB7M. Please visit our Spam Policy and Netiquette pages for more information.

What are the best programs to market through BB7M?
See The Importance of Anchor Programs and Understanding Money-Making Programs. (See "downline stealing" note above.)

How large will my downline become if I don't sponsor anyone?
Two factors determine the size of your downline: (1) How many people you personally sponsor; (2) How many people are sponsored by those in your downline. You may get "lucky" with a huge downline from (2), but this is unpredictable. The most certain way to get a large downline is to sponsor many people by marketing BB7M extensively.

What is the best way to market my other programs to my downline (community)?
By utilizing the basic marketing concepts and principles from Success Arsenal!(sm)! (See "downline stealing" note above.) The power of follow-up and repetition is important -- statistics from the Association of Professional Salesmen and the National Sales Executive Association:

What special benefits do I get from being a BB7M member?
Suppose you've been trying to market your favorite "great program" with results similar to those of our friend: "I can spend hours promoting things to FFA boards, message boards, ezines, opt-in safe lists and just get a handful of hits and even fewer sign ups. It's discouraging..." Your results from promoting your program(s) may have been similar. Many programs (no matter how good they are) are considerably more difficult to market than BB7M because they cost $X to join, whereas BB7M is FREE. By marketing BB7M, which is relatively easy (and benefiting from the marketing of your downline), over time you can build a huge downline community. Eventually, you can get a much higher response from your downline community compared to marketing your programs to strangers.

I notice that when I access my BB7M home page, a popup window comes up. If I send my prospects to my BB7M page and they order the 12 reports, and then they later join BB7M from one of the reports, will I lose them?
No, you won't lose them. When you send a prospect to your own BB7M home page (individualized with your Referrer ID#), the BB7M system stores a "cookie" on the prospect's computer with your Referrer ID#. If at any time later this prospect joins BB7M, he or she will automatically sign up under you. So, if your prospect elects to receive the 12 reports and then joins BB7M from one of them, he or she will automatically go into your downline.

What is your "Adlink" feature, and how does it work?
Please click here to visit our Adlink and Power Program Promoter page to learn about these exciting features.

I've heard the phrase "The Power of One"; can you explain this?
With many programs it seems an impossible task for most members to sponsor even one person per week. However, with BB7M it should be relatively easy for anyone to sponsor just one person per week. Suppose you were to set yourself the goal of sponsoring one person per week. Suppose you could also work with your downline and get each of them to sponsor one person per week. The numbers would grow as follows: week 1 - 2 members; week 2 - 4 members; week 3 - 8 members; week 4 - 16 members; week 5 - 32 members; week 6 - 64 members; week 7 - 128 members; week 8 - 256 members; week 9 - 512 members; week 10 - 1024 members; etc. In two-and-a-half months you would have over a thousand in your downline. In practice, this is unlikely to happen because most members are unlikely to make the effort to sponsor at least one person per week. But, with not too much effort, you could within a few months have a downline of over 1,000, growing by a few hundred every month. If you were to repeatedly promote a good program (call it "Program X") to your downline, you would eventually be able to sponsor at least one person per week into Program X, and so would some of those in your Program X downline. If you PERSIST and follow through, you could eventually earn a great deal with Program X. By persistently applying the power of one and assisting your downline to do the same, you can eventually earn a fortune with any number of programs!

My downline really consists of a list of email addresses in your database. How can I make this a "community?"
First, you can communicate with the first two levels of your downline on how to better promote BB7M. Second, you can also use your weekly emails to your downline to develop their trust in you. Over time, your downline can get to know you and develop trust and confidence in you. The result will be a community that will make it easier for you to market your programs.

Is there a way for a BB7M member to promote to everyone in BB7M?
Yes. This can be done through paid advertising -- see Wealth Booster Magazine.

It wouldn't do much good to advertise my programs on BB7M if BB7M itself (or Frederick Mann) has already promoted them, since you'll always be the first to the punch with everyone in the BB7M downline, correct? I'm concerned with how BB7M members can compete against you on even terms.
Regarding promotion via email to members' downlines, you are free to promote programs BB7M itself doesn't promote. You could also start promoting any program to your downline before BB7M itself does. Even when BB7M itself promotes a great free program, the initial response is seldom more than 2%. This means the remaining 98% or so are still prospects. You could repeatedly promote the same program to your BB7M downline and still get a better response than BB7M itself originally did because many people join on the second or subsequent time a program is promoted to them.

On February 1, 2001, BB7M started including with every outgoing email from BB7M itself, that promotes programs, the following notice:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before joining any program promoted by BB7M itself (in WealthBooster Magazine or in other emails from BigBooster7Million <>), please check your personal BB7M page (Power Program Promoter) to see if anyone in your upline is already promoting that program. If yes, please join under your most immediate upline who is promoting that program. BB7M members are advised to periodically inform their downlines of the programs they promote. It is not BB7M's intention to "steal" members' downlines for their own programs.