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How to Promote BB7M

As a BB7M Member, you have several marketing aids to promote BB7M itself available to you:

(1) You can use your weekly emails to your downline, among other things, to encourage your downline to promote BB7M itself.

(2) In the Member Area, you have access to the names and email addresses of everyone on the first two levels of your downline. This enables you to provide support and assistance regarding the promotion of BB7M and the building of their personal downline communities. You also have access to the name and email address of your upline, so you can ask for assistance and support.

(3) In the Member Area, you have access to the "Invite Your Friends" feature, which enables you to invite up to 10 friends at a time to join BB7M.

(4) In the Member Area, you also have access to the "Add a Banner to Your Website" feature, providing you with a choice of six BB7M banners to add to your website(s).

All the methods available to promote BB7M are aids to grow your downline community. Here are some more:

(5) Signatures to use in your emails. A Signature consists of a few lines of text you add to the bottom of your regular emails. You probably send several emails a day. You can include signatures at the end. Examples of Signatures to promote BB7M:
(a) FREE Internet marketing just got much easier with BigBooster7Million!
(b) Promote To People Who WANT To Hear From You!
Don't Waste Your Money When You Can Promote For FREE!
(c) Learn How to Sponsor 7 People Every Day!
(d) Marketing Expert A.M.: "BB7M is the best FREE site on the Internet today... And believe me... MY OPINION COUNTS!"
(e) Boost traffic to your favorite programs and website(s) with BB7M's dynamite AdLinks and Power Program Promoter!
(f) Email up to 7 Million Prospects a Week without Getting Deluged with their JUNK! Much better than FFA Pages and Safe Lists!

(6) Emails posted to safe lists and other appropriate places. Examples of Emails to promote BB7M:



I just signed up as a member of a great new website called BigBooster7Million, the greatest marketing program I've ever come across!

Being a member of this site has many benefits, for example:
* You get a free customizable self-replicating webpage to promote BB7M to others.
* A great way to build a large personal and permanent FREE mailing list.
* BigBooster7Million enables you to send spam-free emails to up to 7 million people in your 15-level downline once a week.
* Promote your favorite programs and/or websites to up to 7million people!
* And it's 100% FREE!

If you're interested in earning more money on the Internet, you may just have been introduced to one of the best marketing tools for doing this. Don't miss out on this great opportunity!

I invite you to find out more about BigBooster7Million and the advantages you can gain by becoming a member. To do so, please check out my personal BB7M webpage:

Feel free to contact me for more information.

Thanks very much,

Your Name
Proud BB7M Member

P.S. Marketing Expert A.M. says, "BB7M is the best FREE site on the Internet today... And believe me... MY OPINION COUNTS!"


One of the secrets to making a great deal of money is to build up a large "community" of people to market to. I invite you to check out BigBooster7Million. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

* FREE Internet marketing just became much easier!
* Promote your programs and/or websites to up to 7 million spam-free!
* Receive no more than about 16 emails per week from your upline!
* Vastly superior to safe lists, which inundate you with thousands of emails
* Creates a "community" for you to market to; much better than promoting to strangers
* Email your community once a week; emails individually personalized with recipients' names means higher response
* FREE WealthBooster Magazine with powerful money-making and marketing tips
* BB7M is an instant success; about 100 joining every day; many big hitters!

"Since I have been using BigBooster7Million mailings I have noticed a big increase in traffic to my website as a direct result from your program. It's a great way to drive traffic to a website. Best of all it's free! Thank you BigBooster7Million!" -- Sam (12-22-2000)

"I am very impressed with BB7M. Every time I have emailed my downline, there has been an increase in hits to the sites advertised. Key codes indicate that the hits are a direct result of the email. Members in my downline have responded to my emails, therefore I know that my email is being read. It is largely because there is not a deluge of email that often occurs with this type of program. The limitation of 1 email per week is the reason for the success of BB7M." -- "J.P." Member # 224 (01-04-2001) [Also, there's a maximum of 16 people in your upline who can send you emails.]

Do yourself a favor and use BigBooster7Million to grow your business easily and quickly!

Your Name
Proud BB7M Member

P.S. Marketing Expert A.M. says, "BB7M is the best FREE site on the Internet today... And believe me... MY OPINION COUNTS!"


If you ask Gerry Carson of Six-Figure Income <> -- he has built an organization with over a million affiliates! -- what the biggest mistakes are that marketers make, he'll tell you that one of them is "leading with your money-making program." In other words, it's a mistake to try to sell new prospects on your money-making program -- you're much better off providing them with FREE information or a FREE MARKETING TOOL they can use to make more money with their existing program(s). It works very well to promote BIgBooster7Million as a FREE MARKETING TOOL. Once you have them in your BB7M downline, you can promote your money-making program(s) to them once a week, over and over again. Some people will ONLY join after the 10th or 12th time you promote a program to them!

Marketing and MLM expert A.M. agrees with me that if you want to make money on the Internet, one of the most valuable assets you can have is a growing list of prospects you can market to over and over again. If you ask Art to tell you which is better, marketing once to 1,000 people, or marketing ten times to 100 people, he'll tell you that you'll almost always get better results by marketing ten times to 100 people. BB7M provides you with the means to market once a week, over and over again, to as many people as you can get into your BB7M downline... and they in turn can add to their and your downline.

Do yourself a favor. Check out BB7M and use it to expand your business faster than you thought possible!

Your Name
Proud BB7M Member

P.S. Marketing Expert A.M. says, "BB7M is the best FREE site on the Internet today... And believe me... MY OPINION COUNTS!"

(7) Advertisements. Example Ads to promote BB7M:

Do 70,000+ Have a WEAPON You Can Only Dream of? Marketing and MLM Expert A.M. says, "BB7M is the best FREE site on the Internet today... And believe me... MY OPINION COUNTS!" Open your eyes to opportunities you couldn't imagine even in your wildest dreams!!!
Like so many wannabe marketers, I struggled for years getting dismal results. Then, lo and behold! I discovered the marketing miracle that made me a STAR!!! It's 100% FREE!!!

(8) Another way to promote BB7M is to drive traffic to your personal, customized BB7M website: "Use the Power of Viral Marketing to Bring a Blaze of Traffic to Your Site!" -- Mark Joyner
"This is the most brilliant way of generating traffic to your Web site I've ever seen! It combines all of the good things about viral and other forms of Internet marketing while surgically removing all of the bad. Anyone who doesn't try it simply doesn't want more traffic!" -- David Garfinkel author, "Killer Copy Tactics" StartBlaze.

(9) Go to Yahoo. Register as a member, if you're not a member already. Then sign in. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. In the navigation bar, click on "Member Directory." Click on "Business & Finance." Next, click on "Home Business," or "Marketing and Advertising," or "Small Business." You can get people's email addresses. You can look up their profiles. You can find out what program(s) they're in. You can email them and ask how they're doing with their program(s). You can ask them if they have any experience using BB7M to promote their program(s). You can include in your emails a signature to promote BB7M.

There are of course other ways to promote BB7M, such as on business cards, fliers, posters, signs on the side of your car, promotional pens, mugs, etc. (For these forms of marketing, it may be worth using a Redirect Service (see bottom left column of your BB7M home page.)

Note that because BB7M can be used to promote practically anything, everyone trying to make money on the Internet is a potential prospect.

Here's to your spectacular marketing success!

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