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WealthBooster Magazine -- Issue #112 -- November 15, 2002

Top ATM/Debit Card Only $10!

Publisher: BigBooster7Million
Editor: Frederick Mann

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In this Issue:
1. Top ATM/Debit Card Only $10!
2. Private Programs Page Improvements.
3. Get Unstuck with Idenics.

by Frederick Mann

I'm very excited about Permaworld!

It's a great program! I orderdered my ATM/Debit
Card (costing only $10!). It was shipped within
24 hours. I received it a few days later. It
took me a few minutes to activate it. Then I
tested it by loading $500 to it (costing only
1% or $5!). Within hours I received an email
that the transaction had been processed. Within
24 hours I could look up my card balance online:
$495. Then I went to the nearest ATM and withdrew
$480 (costing only $1.50!). Everything worked
perfectly! And the costs are the lowest I've
come across!

That's just one reason I'm so excited about

You can join as a FREE associate and start
earning money without having to buy anything
or spending any money!

Permaworld has many other "goodies" -- see

You can join it and use BigBooster7Million
to promote it!

(Once you've joined Permaworld, log into your
Member Area and click on "Edit Additional Program
Details" to customize your Permaworld URL on
your BB7M home page.)

by Frederick Mann

The good news is that a section on RATING, MONITORING
& DUE DILIGENCE SERVICES has been added. This is a
great resource to do some due diligence, or check on
the due diligence done by others, before you risk
your money on any particular program. Some changes
have also been made to the HIGH-YIELD FAQ.

The bad news is that two programs -- M2: MUTUAL FUND
(SPEC OPP 3) and P3: PROGRAM '8N7' have "bitten the
dust." The irony is that the 4U2Dream principals are
taking the lead in persuading people to only spend
to programs for which someone has done proper due
diligence. Yet it seems that the 4U2Dream principals
got "taken" for over $1 million by scammers in respect
of the above two programs!

"As an operating hypothesis, I think I'll settle for
this: there's always more than meets the eye, so go
easy on the assumptions." -- Hugh Mackay

I must confess that, because of the emphasis on proper
due diligence, I had assumed that the above were two
of the most reliable programs I'd come across.

No matter how good the due diligence, diversification
is still most important.

Some new programs have been added to our Private
Programs page

Particularly, check out B1: BIGBOOSTER 12/20
(BB1220). For a limited period, my personal capital
guarantee applies to all loans.

BB1220 invests in a diversified portfolio of programs
that return 15%+ per month. Projected payouts: 15-30%
per month for 12 months; capital returned in two equal
payments at end of 13th and 14th months. Special
emphasis on capital preservation through careful
program selection and diversification.

Even though excellent RATING, MONITORING & DUE
DILIGENCE SERVICES are now available, many people
lack the time and/or capital to manage a properly
diversified portfolio. BB1220 is aimed at
satisfying this need.

Check it out at

Have you visited what may potentially be -- FOR YOU
-- the most profitable website you've ever seen? Find
out more at -- register
as a BigBooster Associate (if you haven't yet).

by Frederick Mann

An important section has been added to
#TL03A: How to Discover and Release Fixed Ideas
"FIXED IDEAS" by Mike Goldstein of Idenics

Here's a rather dramatic testimonial demonstrating
a fixed idea that was virtually ruining a person's

"For as long as I could remember, I was an unhappy
person. I always felt there was something "not
quite right" with me. I got involved with many
subjects and systems that I hoped would help,
jumping into each with "both feet" and was as
dedicated and honest as I could be with each one.
I did years of traditional therapy as well as
many non-traditional therapies including the
entire bridge of Scientology, but always wound
up in the same place: I saw others who seemed
to get results but for me, nothing. Each time
I would complete a subject I would think again
that there must be something wrong with me
that that subject didn't work on me, and move
on to the next subject to find out what that
"something" was.

When I finally came to Idenics I was at the end
of my rope. And then, in the first session, it
all resolved! When the session started, my
attention went to an occasion when I was five
years old. My first thought was, "Oh, not that
thing again!" You see, that occasion had come
up about 500 times in previous therapies I'd
done and working on it never got me anywhere.
But I took it up again, this time with Idenics,
and the results were quite different.

I was a forceps birth, and after that the
doctors were concerned that I had some kind
of brain damage. So for years after, my
parents kept bringing me to various specialists.
It was later determined that I had no brain
damage. But there was this one time, when I
was five years old, when my parents had brought
me for some examination. Afterwards, my father
stayed inside to talk with the doctors and my
mother took me out to the car. I got in the
back seat and was just playing, not upset, just
being a kid. My mother got in the front seat,
slumped over the steering wheel, and started
crying. This was quite a confusion for me. I
thought to myself, "She's so upset, there must
be something wrong with me. What's wrong wit
me?" Somehow, this got stuck, and stayed stuck
until my Idenics session.

For hours after the session, things continued
to blow off. I kept on seeing various things
in my life since that occasion including all
the subjects I've tried, and kept saying to
myself and others, "What's wrong with me is
WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!" And then, I'd just
crack up and laugh for a while.

It all seems so silly now, and I can't believe
how such a seemingly insignificant thought could
screw up so many years of my life! What was
wrong with me is "WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!"
Amazing!" -- W.G.

You can e-mail Mike Goldstein from the Idenics
website Or, you can
call him at 1-800-IDENICS (433-6427). If you're
out of Mike's calling area, you can reach him
at 303-695-4940. Tell him Frederick sent you.

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