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WealthBooster Magazine -- Issue #118 -- December 26, 2002


Publisher: BigBooster7Million
Editor: Frederick Mann

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In this Issue:
1. Happy Holidays!!!
2. Secret Money Multipliers!

by Frederick Mann

I wish all our members and subscribers the
happiest of holodays! And may the new year
be the most prosperous year you have ever

by Frederick Mann

"It is now possible to give every man, woman and
child on Earth a standard of living comparable to
that of a modern-day billionaire."
-- Buckminster Fuller

Please read what Fuller said about "ephemeralization"
in an extract from his book 'Critical Path' at:

Also read Flemming Funch on Ephemeralization at:

The essence of ephemeralization is doing more with
less, using fewer resources to achieve more, making
better use of your time, etc.

In WBM#116 - How To Earn 100%+ Per Month!
I described a method by which you can risk $3,000
capital to earn $2,000 per week after 10 weeks
(provided program F1 continues to pay 20% or more
per week). You can also apply the strategy to risk
$300 in order to earn $200 per week, or to risk
$15,000 to earn $10,000 per week -- after 10

To come up with such a strategy requires the
application of brainpower. Your brain is your
most powerful money multiplier... but only if
you use it!

Did you earlier read WBM#116... and not thought
about how to implement it? Did you fail to use
your brain?

Have you visited what may potentially be -- FOR YOU
-- the most profitable website you've ever seen? Find
out more at -- register
as a BigBooster Associate (if you haven't yet).

In the case of EZ-Bucks, I must confess that
when the 200%-30-day program was launched, I
didn't think thoroughly about the best way to
profit from the situation. I was disappointed
when the new program was added because to me
it indicated a much higher probability that
EZ-Bucks was a ponzi and would soon collapse.

I allowed my emotions to prevent me from using
my brain to the extent that was necessary to
create a good strategy as explained in
WBM#117 - Secret Money Loopholes!

As a result, I've made far less money with
EZ-Bucks than I could have.

The current EZ-Bucks situation is that a new
300%-30-day program was added on December 22,
with a $5,000 unit (minimum). You can use your
brain to think about why the owner first added
the 200%-30-day program and then the 300%-30-day
program. Hint: he may want to maximize his
cashflow and continue the program as long as
it's profitable for him.

From a personal perspective, I'm very glad to
see that during the past few days new deposits
have sometimes exceeded $100,000 per day! This
provides the cash to pay withdrawals for a

But on January 21, 2003, the payouts for the
first 300% units become due. This amounts to
$15,000 for each unit. If this is paid out, how
will it affect the cashflow and profitability
of EZ-Bucks? What will the owner most likely do?

Will he add a new 400%-30-day program with a
$10,000 unit (minimum)? He may just be clever
enough to come up with his next "trick" to
keep EZ-Bucks profitable for him! But I wouldn't
count on it!

In my estimation, the probability is high that
around January 21, 2003 (possibly sooner),
EZ-Bucks will stop paying out.

One of the most important money multipliers is
the trustworthiness of program owners. So far,
the EZ-Bucks owner has demonstrated perfect
trustworthiness... but will this continue
beyond January 21, 2003? Let's hope so!

One of the best ways to multiply your money
is with programs whose owners are highly
trustworthy. It can be highly profitable to
be in a program that pays high returns year
after year. That's why it's very important
to join S2: SECRET PROGRAM #2 by 12/31/02,
when it will be closing to new members.

Besides well-thought-out strategies and
program-owner trustworthiness, your brain
can identify and use many other Secret
Money Multipliers. What do you think some
of them might be?

Check out F1, S2, EZ-Bucks and the other
programs, the FAQ and Guidelines, and the
writings linked to, at:

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