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WealthBooster Magazine -- Issue #339 -- February 26, 2006

Have You Lost Confidence?

Publisher: BigBooster7Million
Editor: Frederick Mann

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In this Issue:
1. Have You Lost Confidence?
2. The Cream of the Crop

by Frederick Mann

Some of you may have suffered losses as a
result of the actions of a certain payment
processor. These "nice people" stole about
75K of my money, not to speak of "earnings
in the pipeline" of tens of thousands more.
Some of you may also have suffered other

You can allow such losses to damage your
confidence and get you down. You can also
decide to move ahead with new vigor, power,
and enthusiasm.

There is always rebirth... for example,

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Maybe you can use PhoenixSurf to rebuild
your confidence... as well as your finances.

Those of you familiar with 12DailyPro may
recognize in PhoenixSurf a program with
similar or even greater potential.

PhoenixSurf was launched on 2/21/06 and
by 2/25/06 already had over 3,000 members.
It's taking off like a rocket -- check
out PhoenixSurf's Alexa graph on:

I got into 12DP about 5 months after its
launch. I did get to earn about 30K before
things started to go wrong. I estimated
that if I had joined 12DP soon after its
launch, I would have earned about 120K
more than I did.

We now have the opportunity to get into
what may well become "the next 12DP"
right at the beginning:

Don't miss out on this golden opportunity.
To assess how solid the principals might
be, check out "USER FORUMS" on the above
page. Particularly check out "New Millennium

PhoenixSurf could be a vehicle you can use
to rebuild your confidence... as well as
your finances.

What if there are a few simple, BASIC MOVES
you can make that will help you achieve great
success? What if highly successful people
take them for granted, not realizing that
they are important, and that most people
don't make them? So YOU DON'T FIND THESE
SIMPLE, BASIC MOVES in "success books."
You CAN find them in Simpleology for FREE:

by Frederick Mann

It's important to realize that good autosurf
programs are just about the easiest programs
to make money with. There are no sponsoring
requirements. You basically just click "start
surfing" and the program does the rest:

What also makes it easy for many people is
that you can start with small amounts like
$8. You can sponsor people to speed up and
increase your earnings.

Many autosurf programs are scams, likely to
soon become scams, or fail for other reasons.
However, a few are owned and run by trustworthy
and competent people who do their best for
their members. That applies to the autosurf
programs on the above page. The chances are
very good that you can make money with them.

It seems to me that PhoenixSurf stands out
as the one with the greatest potential:

For such reasons I feel very confident
about our financial future.

There are more reasons for optimism:
Prosperity Automated System (PAS) and
1 Step System (1SS):

With both PAS and 1SS, I know enough about
the principals to be very confident that
the risk of them letting us down is very

Also, with both PAS and 1SS, your earnings
are paid by the customer directly to you.
The company can never get its hands on
your money. The risk of the company
"taking off with your money" is zero,
because the customer pays you. This is
a very powerful business model from the
point of view of the individual moneymaker
-- you and me. It's a reason for confidence.

With both PAS and 1SS, the company does all
or most of the work. With PAS, you can pay
the company to do all the work. You can do
some promoting yourself to increase your
earnings, but you don't have to.

Both PAS and 1SS have very powerful selling
systems that WORK. That accounts for my
results you can see at:

With both PAS and 1SS, you're not dependent
on the production of a downline to make money.
You don't have to motivate, train, or inspire
anyone. With 1SS, you just get interested
visitors to your referral page and the system
does the rest.

The 1SS product is a powerful marketing system.
You can use it to drive interested visitors
to your PAS and/or 1SS referral pages:

The rest of the work is done for you by
powerful selling systems.

With both PAS and 1SS, the risk/reward ratio
is very much in your favor. There's very
little risk and the potential rewards are
of the order of $10,000 a month or more.

In both cases, the capital you risk is very
small compared to the potential earnings.
You can recover your capital quickly, after
which it's all profit.

Efficiency is also important. You don't
have to work all that much to earn $10,000
a month or more.

If you regard PAS and 1SS as temporarily
"beyond your means," then you can use the
above-mentioned autosurfs to improve your
finances to the point that PAS and 1SS are
easily affordable.

It may not take very long before you can
enjoy similar earnings to mine:

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