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WealthBooster Magazine -- Issue #443 -- October 25th, 2008


Publisher: BigBooster7Million
Editor: Frederick Mann

SPONSORING PROTOCOL: If you were referred to this page by a sponsor other than Frederick Mann / bigbooster, and you decide to join any programs mentioned here, please join under your sponsor, using his/her join details.

In this Issue:
1. Break out of Your Money Slump

by Frederick Mann

About 98% of people trying to make money
online enjoy little or no success. You
may or may not be one of them.

If you're one of the 2% who do make money
online, you may be able to use an email
along the lines of this one to help your
contacts among the 98% to get a better
chance to make money:

If you're one of the 98%, you may be able
to use MegaLido to break out of your money

The main reason for using MegaLido as a
moneymaking method is that it's very easy.
You basically just have to autosurf 12
pages a day to make money. You just click
"Surf Sites" and have your computer surf
12 sites for you automaticlly. You can even
do something else while your computer does
the surfing.

You don't have to sponsor anyone to make
money. Probably, the biggest challenge for
"98%ers" is to recruit or sponsor people.
With MegaLido, this obstacle is eliminted.

Some 98%ers join matrix programs where they
hope to earn money from spillover. However,
much of the time, no spillover materializes.

You cannot find an easier or simpler way
to make money online than MegaLido:

However, there may still be obstacles for
many. Some people have never been in a
paid-to-surf program, so they may have
difficulties understanding MegaLido. A
prospect emailed me (edited):

"I have a very high IQ, but still, after
studying this for 30 minutes I'm not sure
what it really is and it looks like it's
going to take too much time to sign up.
This lack of clarity would seem to slow
down participation. Can you simplify this
whole proposal? Assume I know nothing
and explain it to me. Doing so may help
you enroll others (and it will certainly
help me)."

I tried to explain to the prospect, but
didn't hear from him again. I know that
for some people, reading and understanding
a web page that explains a program can be
a big challenge -- even for some with "very
high IQs!" (In any case, hundres of people
are successfully joining MegaLido every
day. It's one of the fastest-gorowing
programs on the Internet!)

One way to get to understand MegaLido is
to sign up for FREE and to start surfing:

After doing some surfing you could read
the FAQ. You could also log into your
MegaLido account and watch the 45-minute
"Full website's overview" video.

There's also a video on "How To Upgrade
Account." For people who have already
used payment processors such as PayPal,
AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, etc. to upgrade
accounts or make online payments, it may
not be necessary to watch this video.

For people new to payment processors,
learning to use them could pose quite a
challenge. MegaLido uses the following:

Functionally they're similar to PayPal.

To make money with MegaLido, you need
an account with at least one of the
payment processors. Then you fund that
account. With some processors, you can
fund via credit card. Some you can fund
from a bank account. For some, you can
send in a money order.

In the case of LibertyReserve, you use
an "exchanger" to fund your account. You
also use an exchanger to convert funds
in your account into cash.

You must have a funded account with at
least one of the payment processors to
enable you to upgrade your MegaLido
account from within the MegaLido member

Payouts from MegaLido are automatic and
to the same processor you used to upgrade.

To get paid by MegaLido, you need to
enter the account details of the payment
processors used. Once you've entered
these details, you can't change them.
(This is to protect against fraud.)

You can learn to perform all the actions
involved with the above simply by performing
the actions. Typically, the websites explain
how the systems work. They also have FAQs.

For some people, the best way to learn
to perform the actions involved, is to get
someone familiar with online moneymaking
to sit next to you at your computer and
show you what to do.

You can upgrade in MegaLido with just $6:

Then you can autosurf and learn how you
earn, and how you eventually get paid
when your upgrade expires after 12 days.

You need to realize that putting money
into MegaLido involves risk. The program
could fail and you could lose your money.

So you shouldn't risk more than 5-10% of
your "risk capital." You may want to
think in terms of "recovering your risk
capital" as soon as convenient -- "close
the risk window." You want to get into a
"can't-lose" position. Then you can parlay
some of your profits in order to increase
your earnings.

You can find some more information on
MegaLido at:

Here you can also find some information
on how to become successful.

You may want to check out how I've been
promoting MegaLido at:

See #48 and later issues.

If you learn to sponsor people, you can
earn a lot more. But you don't have to
sponsor anyone to make money.

So, if you've been in a money slump, you
may find that MegaLido is a great program
you can use to start the money rolling in:

I just received this email (edited):

"I just upgraded with another $90. Thanks
for your assurances, otherwise I would not
have joined MegaLido. I just love MegaLido
now that I've had a chance to check things
out! I will make some more upgrades..."

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