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WealthBooster Magazine -- Issue #445 -- October 27th, 2008


Publisher: BigBooster7Million
Editor: Frederick Mann

SPONSORING PROTOCOL: If you were referred to this page by a sponsor other than Frederick Mann / bigbooster, and you decide to join any programs mentioned here, please join under your sponsor, using his/her join details.

In this Issue:
1. MegaLido Pays Like Crazy!

by Frederick Mann

I joined MegaLido on 10/9/08. I've
already received 25 payments. All
were made within 24 hours of being
requested or becoming due.

In total, I've been paid $3,977 --
$2,753 in profits.

You may also be able to get on this
cash bonanza baddwagon!

Be a passive member and earn 44% profit
every 13-14 days:

There are no sponsoring requirements.
Put in $6 (minimum) to $6000 (maximum)
and watch your money grow like crazy!
Just autosurf 12 websites a day. It
can't get any easier than this!

If you're a marketer and you want to
sponsor people you can earn a lot more!
You earn 6% referral fees on your first
level and 4% on your second. This can
get huge, particularly if you sponsor
a few active people:

(The 4% referral commission isn't mentioned
on the MegaLido site. It was announced in
the "#8 weekly newsletter," which can be
found in the MegaLido Forum.)

I've been earning a fulltime online
income since 1997, and I've never seen
performance and service like this in
any other program.

That's why I'm focusing on MegaLido:

Warning: MegaLido should be regarded
as very high risk. I recommend that
you put in no more than 5-10% of your
risk money. Then you may want to think
in terms of recovering your original
money as soon as possible. After that,
you could parlay some of your profits
to increase future earnings.

DISCLAIMER: The provision of information on the various companies
featured in WealthBooster Magazine constitutes the dissemination
of information in accordance with the right to free speech. Nothing in
this magazine is to be interpreted as legal, accounting, tax, currency,
banking, or investment advice. Anyone seeking such advice should
consult a properly qualified and accredited professional. All readers
of this magazine are emphatically advised to obey all laws on Earth
and in the Universe to the letter. ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR

People who participate in any program, project, business, or venture
promoted by WealthBooster Magazine, do so entirely at their own
risk. Participants agree to hold the WealthBooster Magazine owners
harmless in respect of any losses incurred as a result of participation
in any program, project, business, or venture promoted in or by means
of WealthBooster Magazine.

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If yes, please join under your most immediate upline who is
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intention to "steal" members' downlines for their own programs.

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