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WealthBooster Magazine -- Issue #449 -- October 31st, 2008


Publisher: BigBooster7Million
Editor: Frederick Mann

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In this Issue:
1. Personal Bailout Plan #2

by Frederick Mann

This is the second of a series of emails on
how individuals can create their own Personal
Bailout Plans.

(It may be very worthwhile for you to
check out this series of emails carefully.
I've just had a period of 5 days, during
which I earned on average more than $500
per day with MegaLido. I'm not telling you
this to boast, but to indicate that you can
earn the kind of money that may make your
Personal Bailout Plan very profitable!)

You can find the first of the series at:

If you haven't yet read #1, you may want to
read it, before continuing with this #2.

In order to make money with MegaLido, you
need to "upgrade" your account:

"Upgrading" means putting money into your
account. You can put in any amount ranging
from $6 to $6,000.

If you're unfamiliar with autosurf programs,
you may want to start with just $6 to get
your feet wet and test the system.

If you log into your MegaLido account, you
can find a video on how to upgrade your

In order to get money into your MegaLido
account, you need to use at least one of
four "payment processors":

These are the payment processors used by
MegaLido. Functionally they're similar
to PayPal.

To make money with MegaLido, you need
an account with at least one of the
payment processors. Then you fund that
processor account.

That enables you to upgrade your MegaLido
account from within the MegaLido member

Your MegaLido upgrades expire after 12
days -- provided you autosurf at least 12
websites every day. Payouts from MegaLido
are automatic and to the same processor
you used to upgrade. These payments occur
soon after your upgrades expire.

To get paid by MegaLido, you need to
enter the account details of the payment
processors used. Once you've entered
these details, you can't change them.
(This is to protect against fraud.)

(You can also earn referral fees, This
will be covered in more detail in a
future email of this series. To get
paid your referral fees, you need to
specifically request payouts. This is
different from the upgrade expirations,
which are paid automatically.)

An important issue is how much to risk
on MegaLido. At the low end, you can
start with the minimum $6 to test the

At the high end, you quickly increase
your upgrades to the maximum of $6,000.
When any of your upgrades expire, you
bring your total back up to $6,000.
This enables you to profit by about
$200 a day. (If you don't have enough
expertise with nimbers to calculate
this for yourself, you may want to
find someone else to assist you.)

Two of my referrals are following the
above strategy. Presumably, they were
already familiar with autosurf programs,
they checked out MegaLido thorughly,
and decided that upgrading to $6,000
was a "good bet."

In the next email of this series, I'll
cover how you might decide on the best
strategy for your own Personal Bailout

(If on any particular day you plan to
upgrade, you should upgrade before you
surf that day. (When you log into your
MegaLido account, you can use the "server
time" to determine what day it is for
the MegaLido system.) If you surf on a
particular day, and then upgrade during
the same day, you won't receive the 12%
earnings for that day -- but you'll still
get a total of 144%. The guideline:

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this magazine is to be interpreted as legal, accounting, tax, currency,
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consult a properly qualified and accredited professional. All readers
of this magazine are emphatically advised to obey all laws on Earth
and in the Universe to the letter. ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR

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