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WealthBooster Magazine -- Issue #451 -- November 1st, 2008


Publisher: BigBooster7Million
Editor: Frederick Mann

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In this Issue:
1. Personal Bailout Plan #3

by Frederick Mann

This is the third of a series of emails on
how individuals can create their own Personal
Bailout Plans.

It may be very worthwhile for you to
check out this series of emails carefully.
I've just had a period of 5 days, during
which I earned on average more than $500
per day with MegaLido. I'm not telling you
this to boast, but to indicate that you can
earn the kind of money that may make your
Personal Bailout Plan very profitable!

You can find the first two emails of the
series at:

If you haven't yet read #1 and #2, you may want
to read it, before continuing with this #3.

You have the potential to earn a great deal
with MegaLido -- thousands, or even tens of
thousands -- more about that later.

Because MegaLido should be regarded as a very
high risk program, your money strategy is most
important. I recommend that you put in no more
than 5-10% of your risk money. Then you may
want to think in terms of recovering your
original money as soon as possible. After
that, you could parlay some of your profits
to increase future earnings.

An important consideration is that MegaLido
should be regarded as having a limited lifespan.
It could be 6 months, 1 year, or longer. It's
also possible that at some point the MegaLido
principal will restructure the program so it
becomes indefinitely sustainable.

A limited lifespan implies that the longer
MegaLido lasts, the closer it gets to its
end. Therefore, the longer it lasts, the
higher the risk of any money you have in it.

In 'Personal_Bailout_Plan_#2' I mentioned
two of my referrals who each quickly upgraded
to $6,000. They may have thought in terms of
"taking the biggest risk at the earliest

Realize that if you get your upgrades up to
the limit of $6,000, you earn about $200 a
day, or $6,000 per month! This could form
the foundation of a profitable Personal
Bailout Plan!

So, one strategy is to decide how much you
want to risk on MegaLido. If it's $1,000,
then you put it in as soon as possible.

When you get your first payment, you can
put $1,000 back in again, and repeat this
process until you can pocket your $1,000
and, after that, risk only some of your

If you put in $1,000, and keep your total
upgrades at that level, you'll earn about
$1,000 a month.

A riskier strategy is to put in $1,000.
After your first payment, you put everything
back in. You could repeat this a number of

Another strategy is to put in, say, $60
every day, or every few days. At a certain
point, you increase the regular amounts you
put in.

You could take the view that MegaLido is
likely to continue for at least 6 months,
but you want to limit your risk. So, you
gradually "work your way up."

In general, you can think in terms of
minimizing how much money you "put on
the table" -- while maximizing how much
money you "take off the table."

Some people use the strategy of putting
in a substantial amount initially. When
they get their first payment they pocket
their original money. After that, they
just use part of their profits to "work
the program." They make their "risk
window" as short as possible.

You may also want to think in terms of
diversifying and putting some of your
money into MrsVIP:

You can greatly increase your MegaLido
earnings by sponsoring people. More
about that in the next email of this

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