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WealthBooster Magazine -- Issue #56 -- December 7, 2001


Publisher: BigBooster7Million
Editor: Frederick Mann

If you are still chasing the "pennies" then make
a change today and GO FOR MILLIONS!
Just click on the link below and you are
on your way to become a millionaire.

by Frederick Mann

The next B-I-G O-N-E is called GOLD CAPSULE.
I discovered it last night and could hardly sleep, I
was so excited!

As you can imagine, literally dozens of programs
are promoted to me every day. Some days it's over
100. The vast majority of them are quickly dispatched
to thrash. Some receive a quick look and then go
the same way. Some are filed for future perusal.

Once in a while, someone sends me a program
that really thrills me. That happened last night with
Gold Capsule. I joined within minutes of studying
the program. Immediately, I received my 10 FREE
"gold capsules" worth $29.

Then I made a $4,000 deposit via
First thing this morning, my payment had been
processed and my account credited. I immediately
bought $4,000 worth of "gold capsules" to add to
the 10 FREE ones.

Prices change every Monday at 9:00 AM GMT, so
on Monday my "gold capsules" will jump 8.5% in
price. That's a weekly return. If the same increases
continue, my capital will grow 8.5% every week --
and that's compounded!

Now don't let the $4,000 scare you... because you
can start with as little as $10. You can in fact put in
just $10 and get 10 FREE "gold capsules" worth
$29. So your portfolio is immediately worth $39!

(The bonus expires on January 1, 2002.)

But there's a catch... if you purchase for less than
$1,000, you have to buy "silver capsules" and they
earn only a measly 7% per week -- but fortunately,
that's compounded!

This morning, I also checked with my sponsor if
he had received his 15% referral fee. He did indeed
-- $600. Gold Capsule paid him cash on the nail!

Center Ad: Over the years, our biggest earnings by far
have come from programs like the ones you can find
at If you haven't yet
checked out and joined some of these programs,
you're missing out on huge potential earnings!

You can find more information on Gold Capsule at -- if you're not already
a BigBooster Associate, you'll need to register.

You'll find that their website is tops. It's such a pleasure
to come across a business that seems to do everything
right... at least everything I've seen and experienced
so far.

I'll be very surprised if Gold Capsule doesn't quickly
become the top performer among the great programs
featured at

In addition to Crystal Capstone (returns 60% per month)
and Intermediation Financiere Africaine (100% every 5
weeks), Gold Capsule is likely to become another of
our huge winners.

It may be worth your while to scrape together a few bucks
(or some big bucks!) and risk them on Gold Capsule.
I hope this message reaches you in time to act before
Monday, 9:00 AM GMT, because that's when prices go
up and the "capsules" become more expensive.

Though, if you miss this deadline, the "capsules" will
most likely still be a great buy next week!

There is of course risk involved. Things could go wrong
and you could lose your money. So it's worth considering
carefully how much you should risk.

In any case, I hope Gold Capsule will be as great and
valuable an Xmas gift for you as I expect it to be for me!

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