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"Thank you Frederick for publishing the testimonial from DL/Texas. It was not a testimonial -- like so many we read -- saying that DL was now a millionaire, living the high life -- but a very 'real' sounding testimonial, from a very 'real' person.

I have been receiving information from you now for approximately 2 years, and until recently have done absolutely nothing with it -- didn't even bother to read a lot of the emails. But, a couple of weeks ago I did read several thoroughly, and have now invested some money in SNWBS -- thank you. Once that starts paying me, I will invest a little in another program.

Last week I 'met' Mike Brescia [THINK RIGHT NOW!]through, and was very impressed. I have ordered one tape to see how well it works, and have earmarked another 4 that I would like to have.

Many thanks Frederick for the many hundreds of hours you have put into your sites and all the articles you have written.

I hope that before long, I will be able to send you a testimonial similar to DL/Texas."

-- DJ (2/2/04; Geraldton, Western Australia)

Frederick Mann: As DL indicates in the case study interview, people are complex. It's difficult to tell what a particular person needs to do in order to become sufficiently capable and competent to succeed at making money on the Internet. It may be necessary to become an unstoppable self-developer! For some, THINK RIGHT NOW! may be a great place to start!

How to Do Things Right
and Succeed
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DEEP in your MIND is a SECRET POWER. Unlock it with the 10X KEY. Jack Welch of General Electric found the 10X KEY. In 1985 it was taught to GE managers. By 1988 they had grown GE from a $30 billion company into a $300 billion company!


On January 24th, 2004 I (Frederick Mann) received an email from "DL" in Texas:

"I have been able to use your example and recommendations to become entirely debt free, build a small fully paid for home on my own fully paid for property, and live entirely off my online income. Thank you Frederick."

I asked DL if I could use the above as a testimonial and also if he would be willing to be interviewed by me. He agreed, emailing me on January 25th, 2004:

"It is pretty incredible the difference you've made in my life. I've had this dream for years and never was able to make it happen. I have a good education and I've had a few pretty good jobs, but never could seem to make myself stick with them for more than a year or two, and I never seemed to save anything. After I quit I would spend a period of time on the street or wandering around when my last paycheck ran out.
My present circumstances would not impress some people. My monthly income is not large (but enough to live comfortably). I meant to hold onto my last job a little longer, while I continued to rapidly build my online income, but I was working as a long haul truck driver, and when my license came up for renewal in California the DMV sent me a notice that a thumbprint and SSN were now required by law. It was the last straw. Thanks to you I had a way to tell them to stuff it."


More Testimonials

"Thanks for an incredible website. I was in most of these programs before I found you, but the information here is awesome!" -- Gavin McConnell (

"When Texas first got the lottery, I played it for about two years. I had a net loss of about $400. I started playing with the e-gold games and programs about 2 years ago. I take a lot of pride in the good programs we have going now... If you do your homework you can make a good living... I paid off my old house and my car, and paid cash for my new house. I think I'll stick to the e-gold programs." -- Lucki Seven

"Now, in only two months, with only $3,000 invested, I have created $1,000 per month cash flow. With more learning and a little more time, I will be financially independent." -- RM

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