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Your FREE Lottery Ticket

Welcome to BIG International, a humanitarian organization providing a global FREE lottery system where EVERY player can make money even if they don't win a prize.

BIG Lottery sample ticket

If you decide to join BIG, please be sure to specify "2211694" (Build Freedom) as the Agent who introduced you.

But ... there's more ...

BIG is a global lottery with a difference.
Many differences in fact...

Most lotteries trade on people's hopes of winning the jackpot, yet the chances of that happening are so small that the vast majority of players lose regularly. If you hold the view that this is the only way a lottery can operate, then BIG should come as a pleasant surprise.

If you choose to Register as a Player and purchase a Profit Re-Imbursement (PR), you will make money year after year, WHETHER YOU WIN ANY PRIZES OR NOT. The annual compounded rate of return on each PR currently stands at just over 300% per annum .

(Note: You may buy as many PRs as you like. However, BIG may, from time to time, restrict the number of PR's depending upon demand. So we suggest you buy your PRs as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment in the case of restrictions.)

You can claim your FREE ticket right now. But if you want to know more about BIG's Profit Re-Imbursement Program, please click here for more details. If you only want your free ticket now, you can get it by mail or online.

To receive your free ticket immediately by submitting an online form, click here (simply download the BIOS program and follow the simple directions provided).

To receive your free ticket via mail, simply complete and print out the Player Registration Form and mail it along with 4 IRCs to:

Agora Office Services
PO Box 6061
JKPMT 10310

Agora Office Services
Jalan Subang No. 6
Jakarta Pusat, 10310

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