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The Importance of Anchor Programs

by Frederick Mann

Many people try to make money on the Internet by joining some or other money-promising program that may not be the best program for them to start with. They might start with a program that has a high initial cost or a monthly cost that becomes substantial after a few months. It might be a difficult program to promote. Or one with products that are difficult to sell. Many people have little idea how to promote, recruit, and sell, over the Internet, so they only succeed in losing time and money.

Probably, at least 100 new money-promising programs are launched every day! Altogether there are probably several million! So how do you find the one that's right for you? Many of them are scams or so poorly managed that they quickly collapse. Unfortunately, most people who join these money-promising programs lose money and time.

There are many money-promising programs with which "heavy hitters" make heaps of money. However, the 90%+ of network marketers, who find it difficult to recruit and sell, probably lose money with them as well.

Then there are "high-yield" programs that promise to earn you piles of money without recruiting or selling. You put in X amount of money and earn a promised return of anything from 5% - 25% per month or even more! Unfortunately, many of these programs are also scams or fail for reasons such as bad management or big-brother interference. (Many of these programs pay substantial referral fees, so heavy hitters can make huge money with them!) Fortunately -- very fortunately! -- maybe 0.1% of these programs do work and do pay, and their members earn heaps of money!

The maximum rating a program can get is 12 Stars. Currently, I recommend several programs with 9 stars or more -- Payment record: 2 Stars; Rate of return: 3 Stars; Risk factor: 2 Stars; Referral system: 2 Stars; Service/admin: 2 Stars; Warning signals: 1 Star; Total: 12 Stars. Among the 1,000s of programs I glance at, and the 100s I inspect more closely, there are usually only a few 10-Star or better programs.

Anchor Programs
The idea of an anchor program is that it's suitable to form the foundation of your financial independence. It is sufficiently stable and can become profitable enough, over a reasonable period, so you can live off the income it produces and use it as a springboard for much higher future earnings. It's also something you can fall back and rely on if other ventures fail.

There are three basic strategies for finding your ideal anchor program(s) and making it(them) profitable:

#1. You start off with some capital, say $5,000. You select 3 - 5 high-yield programs and spread your capital between them. The idea is that you use existing capital and place it in programs that yield 10% - 25% (or more) per month. Because these are high-risk programs, diversification is important. Eventually, you want to place your capital in 8 - 10 high-yield programs or even more. Eventually, you aim at getting to a point where the aggregate returns from the high-yield programs are maybe twice as much as you need to comfortably live on. When you reach this point, you've created a good, hopefully reasonably solid, foundation. Even if a few of them fail, enough of them will continue to pay enough to maintain your foundation. (I have a formula for selecting good high-yield programs. I'm part of a network of experts who test, evaluate, and rate hundreds of high-yield programs. From the programs the experts regard as best, I eliminate those that haven't been sufficiently tested to establish a good payment track record. I also eliminate programs that don't seem sustainable. I apply certain criteria to rate the best programs I find. The maximum rating a program can get is 12 Stars. Currently, I recommend several programs with 9 stars or more -- Payment record: 2 Stars; Rate of return: 3 Stars; Risk factor: 2 Stars; Referral system: 2 Stars; Service/admin: 2 Stars; Warning signals: 1 Star; Total: 12 Stars. Among the 1,000s of programs I glance at, and the 100s I inspect more closely, there are usually only a few 10-Star or better programs. Unfortunately for newcomers, some of the best programs are closed to new people. For the details of the high-yield programs I currently recommend, go to BigBooster.com (and Private Programs and register as a BigBooster Associate.) You can apply strategy #1 without recruiting anybody or selling anything.

#2. The second strategy is to start with little or no money, and to build your earnings by promoting programs, recruiting other members/distributors, and/or selling products and services. Here it's important to develop your Internet marketing skills. Fortunately, you can do massive marketing on the Internet without spending a penny (beyond the cost of your computer and Internet access). You can start with free programs such as Success Arsenal!(sm), MintMail, and Six-Figure Income, which you can use to improve your marketing skills. If you can market, you can make a fortune on the Internet without risking your money. You can also start with low-cost programs that have the potential to become profitable fairly quickly.

#3. The third strategy is a combination of strategies #1 and #2. Most high-yield programs also pay referral fees. Suppose you put $1,000 into a high-yield program that pays a 10% referral fee on capital placed in them. You recruit a number of people who on average puts $1,000 each into the program. You've recovered your initial capital. Huge money can be made if you can sponsor many people into high-yield programs.

Requirements of Ideal Anchor Programs

It's unlikely that you'll ever find one program that meets all the above requirements. Some of the Private Programs satisfy many of the requirements, but not all. That's why you most likely need more than one anchor program.

For anyone interested in marketing on the Internet, or to become a better marketer, the three most important programs I promote are BigBooster7Million, Success Arsenal!(sm) and Marketing 2 Success. These three programs contain by far the best overall arsenal of marketing weapons I know of. They also satisfy most of the requirements of an ideal anchor program.

Six-Figure Income is a great anchor program because it satisfies some of the important requirements, particularly because it's free and you can use it to improve your marketing skills. Unfortunately, they have a policy against cross-solicitation, so you can't use it to build a community. I suspect that for most people it would take many months to develop their SFI downline and sales to the point that they're earning much more than $1,000 a month. However, you can use the marketing skills you learn from SFI to earn much more with other programs.

MintMail is an important anchor program because it's free, very easy to promote, and can be used to introduce people to SFI.

No-Excuses is an ideal anchor program because it costs only $25 per month, you need only two people in your downline to make a profit, because it's a 3-wide matrix with spillover you don't need to recruit to make money, and you can earn over $10,000 per month!

An important aspect of high-yield programs is that you don't have to recruit or sell to make money with them. Many people dislike and even fear recruiting and selling. So, when you tell them they can make money with Program X, and you tell them they don't have to recruit anybody or sell anything, they tend to be more open to joining. A potential difficulty with high-yield programs is that many people think that anything that promises "outrageous" returns such as 10% or more per month must be a scam. Some people have to climb over a "mountain of disbelief" before they would consider such programs. Nevertheless, a significant percentage of prospects, to whom high-yield programs are presented, do join. (And once they start making money, it's generally much easier for them to sponsor others.)

Wealth Education
Earning lots of money is not sufficient to create a solid financial foundation. We live in a world designed so that certain people can extract much of your wealth with little effort. These "wealth extractors" include bankers, lawyers, politicians, and many top business people. The world of money, finance, and politics may not really work quite as you've been led to believe. There may be a deeper understanding which can enable you to think in new ways and reorganize your life and affairs so you greatly reduce the degree to which "wealth extractors" drain your wealth. I recommend two programs in this respect: 1. Wealth Study
; 2. Strategic Wealth Institute.

If you're not interested in spending the time to market and improving your marketing skills, then you should choose your anchor programs from among the Private Programs.

If you have little or no money to start with, you should select Success Arsenal!(sm), MintMail and/or Six-Figure Income as your anchor program(s), and as soon as you have the money, you should add one or more Private Programs. You should also seriously consider No-Excuses.

To maximize your earnings with minimal risk, you should select at least three Private Programs, together with Success Arsenal!(sm), MintMail and/or Six-Figure Income as your anchor programs. You should develop your marketing skills to the point that you sponsor enough people so your referral income from the Private Programs is higher than the returns from your capital in them.

Because BigBooster7Million is such a powerful Internet marketing tool, you should use it to promote your other programs. (In the case of Private Programs, you should not promote them directly with BigBooster7Million. Rather, you should set up your own website with information on the Private Programs and use BigBooster7Million to promote your website. You can use BigBooster.com as a model for doing this.)

Unless you already know it (which the vast majority of people don't), it's vital to learn some important differences between money and wealth. There's also a great deal to learn about how money, economic, and political systems developed and now work in a manner designed to extract or drain wealth from the productive. Wealth Study and Strategic Wealth Institute are vital anchor programs for creating a sound financial foundation.

Building a Sovereign Financial Community
I've been talking for years about the "Economic Means to Freedom." Much of my emphasis continues to be on providing individuals with the information and means to become financially independent, and eventually financially sovereign.

I recently discovered an organization whose goals are closely aligned with my own. It's called Strategic Wealth Institute. (SWI) I believe that they have a structure in place that has the potential to become a worldwide sovereign financial community capable of rapid expansion.

In my opinion they provide an excellent foundation that makes it possible for individuals to build sovereign private wealth through participating in their activities. The Founder of SWI has asked an important question:

"Would you rather receive ten thousand dollars each month from your own personal efforts at your present job, or 10 dollars each month from a thousand like-minded members of a growing international sovereign community with whom you exchange truthful knowledge and understanding?"

SWI makes it possible to create financial security based on a "learn and earn" approach to building relationships with people worldwide -- people who are, like me personally, pursuing TRUE financial sovereignty and security -- by exchanging with one another and becoming knowledgeable about the world, money, and wealth. People with whom I can interact in the SWI campus chat room, via email, in tele-seminars, or in discussion forums.

Next to the sheer exhilaration of establishing the foundation for life-long wealth, these relationships and community interactions represent
truthful fellowship that many SWI members refer to as the "greatest riches" they've ever received. One of them describes his experience of the SWI community:

"I just wanted to express, relative to my prior networking and life experiences in general, how refreshing and exhilarating the evening and
Saturday morning chats, and the Saturday live conference calls have been for me. It is wonderful to have a ready place to go where the company is always friendly, the conversation  thought-provoking, meaningful, and intelligent, and the overall atmosphere, so welcoming and respectful! These activities have greatly strengthened my sense of belonging and "community" in Private Profits!"

"This is the opportunity of a lifetime. I have searched for years for a program I really feel comfortable working. I find it very exciting exchanging e-mail letters with people all over the world. This is a new beginning for me, a chance to have a better life."

"On the call today with the Founder and our ever-expanding community of like-minded new friends, I realized how important it is not to refer to PrivateProfits.com as a business. It is not. It is a service exchange model. It is an opportunity for people, including ourselves to begin to release our dependency on institutions and find the real wealth in ourselves and in the people we relate to as community. This is a radically simple return to sanity. I am so pleased to have the opportunity to make a difference in a way I have only up to now, dreamed of."

"I have never seen such a cohesive group as this. I don't know any of you, but after hearing from many of you tonight, I feel like we are family."

"I want to thank everyone for being such pioneers. Finally, there is a forum for people like us to hone our intelligence and communication skills as we each embark on the rewarding task of creating community.

"I am so happy to be a part of this! The first time I visited SWI online campus, I actually got tears in my eyes because I was so moved by this whole community process. I truly believe we are all a part of  something so much greater than ourselves. Welcome to everyone!"

What these quotes and the SWI Founder's question pointed out to me was the underestimated vulnerability of trying to build wealth for my family ON MY OWN within a debt-based economic system that extracts the value of my earnings EVERY DAY!

When you, like me, participate in our Community-Centered Wealth Exchange Opportunity, you will experience multi-faceted wealth and ongoing INDEPENDENT income streams from all around the world. You'll experience for the first time TRUE financial security that can only come from truthful ongoing exchange with others!

So, now I'm the one asking the question. Here's MY question to you: "Have you REALLY done everything possible to ensure the highest possible level of financial security for yourself and your family? I invite you to check out for FREE (no obligation) our community at http://www.bigbooster.com/business_opportunities/#SWI.

Exponential Earnings
It's important that you use a combination of anchor programs with the potential of providing you with exponential earnings. For an example of exponential earnings, see Economic Means to Freedom - Part VIII.

It's also important that you have more than one program providing you with exponential earnings. Suppose you become very successful with a particular program and you're earning tens of thousands a month. Then suddenly the program fails and your earnings drop to zero. Or the owners of the program use some pretext to kick you out, so they no longer have to pay to. Your income of tens of thousands a month can literally disappear overnight!

In my experience, no matter how good any particular program seems, no matter how much it's paying you, you need to be prepared for the possibility of that program suddenly stopping your payments. It's vital to diversify! Ideally, you want three, four, five, or more programs from which you receive exponentially growing earnings.

You can learn a great deal about exponentially growing earnings by participating in Strategic Wealth Institute.

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