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Liberty Money Machines

By Frederick Mann
June 30, 1999

"Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it." -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

(Note: This article includes information on website design and profitability.)

About 15 years ago I bought a little book by Don Lancaster called The Incredible Secret Money Machine. It made a lasting impression on me and inspired a quest for me to create my own "money machines."

During the ensuing years I've created numerous money machines, some more successful than others. I learned a great deal about what works for me and what doesn't. I believe that the conception of the ideal money machine I've arrived at, based on 15 years of experience, is a considerable improvement on the "Lancaster model." I believe I've made some major improvements and refinements.

My idea of a money machine is some kind of more or less automatic "mechanism" that spits out money without the owner/operator of the machine having to do much work.

A passive investment is an example of a money machine. You buy $1,000,000 worth of stock that pays you $100,000 in dividends every year, without your having to do any work.

Unfortunately, most of us don't have the capital to set up such a money machine. If you work for money at some "job" ("just over broke"), chances are you're just a few paychecks away from being homeless. Let's see if it's possible to start with little or no money and create money machines that take you to financial independence within a year or so.

The Ideal Money Machine
Here are the major improvements and refinements I've made to Don Lancaster's money machine model:

1. The ideal money machine can be started with little or no money and doesn't require any special skills to start, develop, and operate.

2. The ideal money machine does not involve selling and providing physical products or services to customers -- there are no dissatisfied customers to deal with. (Note: If a money machine involves promoting someone else's product or service, you want to be minimally involved in getting that "someone else" to deal with dissatisfied customers.)

3. No customers sending or paying you money. You don't want the hassles of collecting money from customers, dealing with complaints, bounced checks, refund requests, etc. (Collecting money from customers adds risks to any business. In addition to filing complaints with "public marauders," customers (and others) may hire "private marauders" to sue you.)

4. No employees. Maybe a few subcontractors. Anyone who has started and operated a reasonably-sized business knows what kinds of problems employees can cause. (They may also file complaints with "public marauders" and hire "private marauders" to sue you.)

5. No taxes. The ideal money machine pays no taxes and all the money it spits out is tax free.

6. No reporting. The ideal money machine does not report anything to any taxtortion agency or other coercive agencies. The only records that are kept are for personal use.

7. No business licences or corporate registrations required.

8. No physical location or office required. Can be operated from anywhere, using a computer and the Internet. (May use a mailing service to receive money via mail or courier service.)

9. The ideal money machine is for practical purposes invisible to habitual marauders, both "private" and "public."

10. The ideal money machine can make money without involving promoting, or selling, or having to recruit others. However, you have the facility to make much more money by recruiting others.

11. Ideal money machines provide 10% per month or higher returns on capital.

12. The ideal money machine requires minimal time to operate. It enables you to eventually earn thousands of dollars per hour worked. It also provides leverage in that you can reap increasing returns on your capital and increasing earnings from the capital and efforts of others. Ideal money machines provide time freedom to their owners/operators.

Such money machines liberate you from having to work for money. You can also use them to liberate yourself from "public marauders" who masquerade as "government." That's why I call them "Liberty Money Machines!"

Liberty Money Machine Examples
I'd like to present two examples of Liberty Money Machines to you. I'd like you to consider these, maybe examine them further. Maybe the principles and techniques I've applied to make them profitable for me can show you the way to create your own superior Liberty Money Machines.

Even if you don't like some specifics of my money machines, you may want to use them as examples to create your own even more profitable Liberty Money Machines.

Note that "creating" your own Liberty Money Machine can be as simple "playing" with someone else's money machine and maybe tell some friends and acquaintances about it.

Liberty Money Machine #1:

Liberty Money Machine #2:

We currently (April 2000) do not recommend participation in Stockgeneration.

Life Cycle of Money Machines
Some money machines start small, then grow until they reach maturity. There they may operate on a high plateau for some time. They may reach a size where it becomes difficult for them to maintain an adequate level of customer service. They may experience problems caused by "public marauders." Then they may decline and eventually fail.

For such reasons it's prudent to be always on the lookout for additional money machines. It works best to have multiple income streams. It's wonderful to be in a position such that the decline and/or failure of any particular money machine(s) do not adversely affect your overall prosperity.

We regularly add new money machines to BigBooster.com.

Personal Financial Health
Recently, as a result of reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki, I realized that for practically all of my life I had been in certain respects a "financial cripple." I had had certain misconceptions that handicapped me financially. Though I had made considerable money at various activities and ventures, I had also lost a great deal because I suffered from "financial illness."

Reading Robert T. Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor & Middle Class Don't changed that. I suspect that more than 90% of people suffer from some of the factors of "finacial illness" identified and described by Kiyosaki. I believe that the probability of your success with any money machine will most likely increase dramatically if you study Rich Dad, Poor Dad. You may also want to check out Kiyosaki's website.

This area is covered in greater detail in my article Basic Money Skills.

Passive and Active Mode
You can utilize or create your own variations of the above two money machines. You can operate in "passive mode," merely risking your own money and not promoting your money machines, nor even telling anyone else about them if you like. (The history of money making that depends on people recruiting/selling others seems to indicate that about 95% of people fail. So most readers should consider passive mode, particularly in the beginning.)

You can also operate in "active mode" without risking your own money. This depends on recruiting and selling others. To succeed, you need to persuade others to get involved with your money machines. If you're good at selling, then active mode enables you to create substantial incoming money flows without risking your own capital.

A third way to operate is "combination mode" -- you put some of your own money into the money machines and you promote them to others. You could start in passive mode, making some money, and establishing a successful track record that makes it easier to persuade others. Once you have a steadily improving track record, you may find it much easier to sell others -- or to create Liberty Money Machines that sell themselves!

Marketing Your Money Machine
With the advent of the Internet, it's in many respects much easier to create a money machine than it used to be. You can set up a website at little cost. You can do a number of things that result in visitors coming to your website that require only your time and effort.

There's free information on Don Lancaster's website on how to promote websites. See also:

Once at the website, visitors can find something they like to do that makes them money and makes you some money too.

Now, if you already have a website that's attracting visitors, you're just a few steps from the "clover." You can simply add one or more Liberty Money Machines to your website and soon start collecting the lucre!

And, if you have a website that's not getting many visitors, then you can use your money machines to attract many more people -- or you can simply operate your money machines in "passive mode."

"Bandwagon" Marketing
Take a look at Economic Means to Freedom - Part VIII, particularly the table with the growth in earnings from World Network Holdings. Also have a look at the growth in our earnings from BIG and Stockgeneration.

By repeatedly promoting a program to prospects, each time showing how the results are improving, a kind of "bandwagon" effect is eventually created. To some people, something has to be promoted seven, fifteen, or more times before they eventually "bite." The cumulative effect of every week or month seeing how someone is doing better and better, while they continue to miss out, eventually helps persuade them to decide to "get on the bandwagon."

This "bandwagon" marketing was a major reason for our spectacular success with WNH.

BuildFreedom/BigBooster as a Liberty Money Machine
It may be worthwhile for you to examine and analyze BuildFreedom.com and BigBooster.com as, in combination, forming a "giant" Liberty Money Machine. Maybe you can use our approach as a model for creating your own money machine(s) and making them more profitable.

BuildFreedom contains a wealth of freedom information. Visitors come to the website mainly as a result of word of mouth, search engines, and links from other sites. BuildFreedom has a number of links to BigBooster. So some of the visitors to BuildFreedom also visit BigBooster.

BigBooster contains the best money-making programs we know of that are also ideal for freedom lovers. Some of the visitors participate in some of these programs and we earn money as a result.

Now take a look at the statistics for the Overall Accesses for BuildFreedom and for BigBooster.

The dip in Overall Accesses for BuildFreedom.com between February and April, 1999 are most likely due to the termination of our Partner listing on Free-Market.Net and moving our Advanced Freedom Solutions List and Free World Order List from Free-Market.Net to another server.

Some time ago I noticed from our statistics that we received many visitors to BuildFreedom who quickly left without visiting the home page and I presume without gaining any appreciation for the wealth of valuable information on BuildFreedom. As a result I came up with the idea of our "Capture Banner."

Now take a look at Millionaire Report #1. Note the "Capture Banner" both at the beginning and at the end of the report. The idea is that if we get new visitors via search engines, who arrive at some report, there's a chance that their attention will be "captured" by the banner and they'll take a look at the rest of BuildFreedom to find out what useful information we might have for them. This increases the probability that they'll find out more about our website and that they'll return later to learn more. The increase in Overall Accesses to BuildFreedom since April, 1999 are probably at least partially due to the "Capture Banner." Eventually these extra visits will result in greater earnings from our money-making programs.

During the coming months we'll be making additional improvements to BuildFreedom that will result in further increases in the number of our visitors. You may want to visit BuildFreedom.com from time to time to witness these improvements and their effects.

See also What Criteria do You Use to Select Your Programs? , How to Overcome Economic Correctness, Understanding Money-Making Programs, General Financial Independence FAQ , Zero-Risk Money-Making and Basic Money Skills.

If you have any questions about Liberty Money Machines, feel free to contact Frederick Mann.

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