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Important programs we participate in, but promote less aggressively than our main programs.

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* American Millennium Corp.

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* 4 Paths to Freedom
PILL (We've earned well over $100,000 with this great program!)

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Going Platinum
PILL (We've earned well over $100,000 with this great program!)

>> 4 Paths to Freedom

Read More!#1: Offshore Structuring
#2: PT ("permanent tourist")
#3: Privacy
#4: Sovereignty
For more information or to join, click here.

>> American Millennium Corp. (NASDAQ: AMCI)

Read More! February 4, 2000: During the past two weeks, AMCI has broken out of the 20-50c trading range on high volume. After a jump to over $2.00, the price now seems to be correcting/consolidating.

There probably has been considerable short-selling -- traders selling "borrowed" shares with the intention of later buying back at a lower price. This creates pent-up demand, which could help accelerate further steep price jumps when more
major developments are announced. (AMCI recently announced selling 50 satellite systems to General Motors.)

In my opinion, the probability is good that the next AMCI "upleg" will take the price to the $5-$7 range. Then, after another correction/consolidation phase, a third "upleg"
could take the price to the $10-$20 range. This could take months or years.

Check out AMCI at There's also an AMCI discussion at

>> P.I.L.L.

Read More!We first joined Prosper International League LTD. (P.I.L.L.) in 1994. It's been one of our most successful programs. We've earned well over $100,000 in referral commissions. P.I.L.L. is one of the best offshore providers and has established a reputation for reliability and good service. We've met both their principals several times. They are experienced businessmen, particularly in the area of offshore services. They also have offices with experienced personnel. Their payment track record is impeccable.

The original P.I.L.L. program (the one we recommend most highly) has an excellent compensation plan. It costs $200. Sponsor three people and your P.I.L.L. trust is activated. For every additional person you sponsor, you receive $200! You are also paid on four levels for downline referrals. You receive a self-replicating website for easy sponsoring.

(P.I.L.L. also has a "Quick Start" option. You can pay $800 to immediately activate your trust. This enables you to utilize the P.I.L.L. services without having to recruit or sponsor anyone. If you choose the $800 "Quick Start" option, and you then sponsor people, you receive $200 for everyone you sponsor.)

Another great benefit from P.I.L.L. is that they provide a secured Visa credit card. You can transfer your earnings to your card account and withdraw cash at practically any ATM. You can also use your card for purchases. Furthermore, you can endorse checks (from other programs or sources) made out to you and send them to P.I.L.L. for deposit and credit to your trust account.

P.I.L.L. provides a comprehensive range of offshore services, including education, trusts and IBCs, brokerage services, and online trading (all based offshore). Generally, they respond quickly to emails. You can also call them and speak to real human beings.

For a report on P.I.L.L. by "Money Master" Melissa Foster who is knowledgeable about offshore entities (and who is not a PILL distributor), click here.

For more information on P.I.L.L. and to join, click here.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to join P.I.L.L., please specify "475 Build Freedom" as your Sponsor.

(NOTE: During 2000, P.I.L.L. launched the Galaxy program, which started off very well. We earned over $20,000 in a few months. Then Galaxy slowed down and seems to have ground to a halt for most members. Some members made unrealistic promises about earnings new members could expect even if they didn't sponsor anyone. Initially, we were also unrealistically overoptimistic about Galaxy. The Galaxy design is such that for members to earn money, each member has to sponsor on average six other members. In practice few members succeed in sponsoring six others. As a result of some members not earning anything and effectively losing their money, there are accusations on the Internet of Galaxy being fraudulent. Because of the high sponsoring requirement for success, we don't regard Galaxy as a viable program for most people, and don't recommend it. In our opinion, the Galaxy difficulties don't detract from the phenomenal success of the original $200 P.I.L.L. program -- which we recommend highly -- nor does Galaxy detract from the otherwise high-quality P.I.L.L. services.)

>> Going Platinum

Read More!

  • GOING PLATINUM offers many benefits as well as a means to dramatically improve your financial position without any mentionable effort or monetary commitment.
  • When the GPC officially launches shortly it will also offer completely FREE, unlimited Internet access. You can kiss your current ISP good-bye!
  • GOING PLATINUM is really two unique, yet related programs:
    1. GPC (Going Platinum Community) is FREE to join, and pays you generously for all your online activity in the GPC, as well as for that of your referrals, and their referrals, through four levels. You may multiply your GPC earnings as much as ten-fold by also joining the GPC's sister program, the GPAP. This can potentially boost your GOING PLATINUM income very dramatically!
    2. GPAP (Going Platinum Affiliate Program) has already launched. There is a one-time-only $25 to join, or sign up through CompuBank and they actually pay you $50 to join! By participating in the GPAP you not only can earn up to 9 additional Positions (for a total of 10) in the GPC, but you can earn a fantastic income as well.
  • Astonishing earnings are possible in the GPAP -- potentially as much as $80,000+ per month, if you advance all the way through the Platinum level. The GPAP is already paying commissions, and you may actively recruit now!
  • GOING PLATINUM is a product-driven program. The GOING PLATINUM COMMUNITY is a personal web page, a full service Internet Service Provider, a search engine/directory, an intelligent auto-responder system, a shopping mall, a virtual office and just about anything else you can think of all rolled into one easy-to-use website. The best part is that the revenues generated by all of these features, benefits and tools go right into your pocket.
  • You can make money in GOING PLATINUM without referrals; but if you do recruit you can substantially increase your income.
  • Benefit from spillover referrals!
  • Full-featured website, with state-of-the-art member's area, containing autoresponder, referral tracker, hit and visit counter, member's forum, income reports, detailed GPC and GPAP matrix reports, marketing center, and more!
  • GOING PLATINUM pays monthly, by check or via direct deposit, with debit card withdrawal.

For more information on Going Platinum and to sign up, click here.

If you decide to join, please ensure that Sponsor is entered as bigbooster.