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Free Submitters & Website Marketing Tools
by Frederick Mann


The scope of this page has broadened since it was originally conceived. Most of the marketing resources listed here are free, but some are paid.

My experience indicates that the most effective website promotion methods in 2002 include email marketing, ezine advertising, and certain traffic generators. Posting to FFAs ("free-for-all advertising") and classified ad sites, as well as safelists, seems mostly or completely a waste of time. Having your own FFA or classified ad sites and promoting to those who post, also seems mostly or completely a waste of time. Submitting your website(s) to search engines may be worthwhile.

Typically, developing your own successful marketing strategies will most likely involve considerable trial and error. Testing is vitally important. You need to find out what works and what doesn't. I suggest you use ROIbot to track the results of your various marketing efforts. See "Marketing Example" below, for a case study.

General Marketing Considerations and Links
WARNING! Be very careful how you use your primary email address(es). Certain submissions (particularly to FFAs and classified ad sites) will result in 1,000s of junk emails to the email address(es) you specify when submitting. You may want to use "throw-away" email accounts from Hotmail or Yahoo for certain submissions.

It's very important that you test the results of your marketing efforts so you discover what works, what doesn't work, and what works best.

You may want to study our marketing and related articles, as well as INTERNET MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS & PROFESSIONALS and Use "Levers" to Increase Your Response Rates 10 Times or More! (Updated August 02.)

The following sites include some general website marketing resources:


If you have a website you want to promote, you should check out SelfPromotion.com. It's a resource for do-it-yourselfers where you can learn to prepare your pages for the search engines, then use a sophisticated url submission robot to submit your webpages to all the important search engines and directories. You'll also find tutorials about website promotion, submitting to yahoo, and much more. Best of all, you can use the site for free -- if you like it, pay what YOU think it's worth! The guy who runs it has reinvented tipping!

Become a SelfPromotion Partner .

Email Marketing
Email marketing is one of the most important methods of promoting your programs and/or websites. The following sites include some relevant articles:

You may want to use Aureate/Infacta Group Mail to manage your prospect lists and emailing them.

See also:

It's very important to "capture" prospects with programs like BigBooster7Million and FREEnetleads.com, because this enables you to promote to them repeatedly, over and over again.

A further benefit of this strategy is that some of the people who join BigBooster7Million and FREEnetleads.com will "see the light" and will build their own downlines to promote to repeatedly. This will automatically grow your downlines in these programs.

It's worth examining Email2Success. The presentation is good and slick. Lifetime membership is only $29.95. You can become an affiliate and earn $20 per sale. It's also quite possible that you can use Email2Success to efficiently blast your ads to millions every month. The only problem is that practically nobody will read them. Practically all the recipients are people whose only purpose is to peddle their own programs. The chances are overwhelming, that no matter how good your ads are, you'll get a zero response, no matter how many millions you post to via Email2Success! Contrast this with TrafficSwarm in the "Marketing Example" below.

Ezine Advertising
Many marketers claim that ezine advertising gives you the best return on your time and/or money. A powerful ezine marketing strategy is to submit articles for publication to ezine publishers. The following websites may be useful:

Publish Your Own Ezine
If you don't yet publish an ezine, consider doing so. It's a most powerful marketing vehicle. If you think you're not a good writer, you can use content provided by others. The following websites provide you with the resources to launch and market your own ezine:

In August 02, I submitted the following article to ezine publishers, using the Ezine Article Submission Service:


Awesome Leverage for Ezine Owners!
by Frederick Mann

Have you heard of Wes Blaylock's SubscriberDrive?
("Newly Discovered eMultiplication System Builds Your Opt-In eMail List For You At Warp Speed - Absolutely Free!")

How about Bob Kish's EzineADventure?
("Brand New FREE System Generates Ever-Growing Flood of Ezine Advertising for You!")

Both SubscriberDrive and EzineADventure use the POWER OF MULTIPLICATION in new, innovative, exciting ways to provide you with awesome leverage!

No matter how many or few subscribers you have, you can use the POWER OF MULTIPLICATION to both expand your number of subscribers and to increase the exposure of your advertisements.

You can use Wes Blaylock's SubscriberDrive to gain many more subscribers.

You can use Bob Kish's EzineADventure to gain more subscribers and/or to have your favorite (or most powerful) advertisement appear in hundreds of other ezines with hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers!

With EzineADventure, you run 4 ads in your ezine once a month. In return, your ad is run once a month in the ezines of those you refer, and they refer, 3 levels deep. Depending on how many ezine owners you refer, and how many they refer -- and add another level -- you could have dozens or even hundreds of ezine owners in your downline! Your ad appears in all their ezines once a month! Awesome leverage!

Get all the EzineADventure details: http://www.roibot.com/w.cgi?R21335_WBM02.

SubscriberDrive uses two forms of multiplication. You add some code to one of your high-traffic webpages. When visitors leave that page, a little popup appears, promoting 10 ezines. Each time your popup is displayed, your ezine subscription box appears 4 times in the popups of other members. This is an amazing 4:1 ratio!

And it gets even better! For those you refer, every time their popups appear, your ezine subscription box is displayed twice -- a 2:1 ratio for your 1st level. There's also a 1:1 ratio for your 2nd and 3rd levels. This is huge!

Get all the SubscriberDrive details: http://www.roibot.com/w.cgi?R21335_WBM03.

Use the POWER OF MULTIPLICATION to make both your ezine and your advertising, more successful and profitable!


Frederick Mann has been a writer and publisher for nearly two decades. He is the owner and editor of WealthBooster Magazine with over 75,000 subscribers.


[Note to ezine owners: If you publish this article, you're welcome to first join EzineADventure and/or SubscriberDrive, and replace my URLs above with yours.]


Traffic Generation
This section will be expanded soon. Meanwhile, here are some programs to consider:

Marketing Example
On 8/3/02 I joined TrafficSwarm and received 500 credits just for joining. By setting my Opera browser startup page to the URL provided by TrafficSwarm, I get credits every time I launch Opera. My ad is displayed by TrafficSwarm:

$$Power Promotion PULLS like SUPERMAN$$
What is the biggest secret of Internet marketing?
How can you use the POWER OF MULTIPLICATION to
get maximum leverage? And what about the POWER
OF REPETITION? What combination of methods and
strategies gives you HUGE ADVANTAGES? Click
above for answers.

My ad is displayed (together with 5 others) by the browsers of other TrafficSwarm members. I attempted to create an ad that would "stand out" and attract attention. TrafficSwarm members get credits for clicking these ads, so they have an incentive to click. I want to maximize the chances that they'll click my ad, rather than the other 5.

The URL of my ad is "http://www.roibot.com/w.cgi?R21335_TS001." It utilizes ROIbot, which counts the clickthroughs. At any time I can log into ROIbot to see how many people have clicked my ad. In less than 24 hours, as a result of about 100 displays, 6 people have clicked my ad. So there's a good probability that the ad will work.

The link sends prospects to BigBooster7Million. I can't be sure how many of them joined BB7M, but it's probably 3 or 4. Among other things, the BB7M page they visit promotes FREEnetleads.com. There's a good chance that some of the visitors also joined FREEnetleads.com. (Some may have joined FREEnetleads.com, but not BB7M.)

Five important principles are involved here:

  1. If you primarily promote free programs, which are in general easier for prospects to join than paid programs, you're likely to get higher signup rates.
  2. These programs tend to have a wider appeal than most, because they can be used by prospects to promote their money-making programs (within reason, whatever they are).
  3. If prospects join, you'll be able to promote to them repeatedly, over and over again, for as long as they remain members.
  4. Some of the prospects who join in your downlines will "see the light" and will also promote BigBooster7Million and/or FREEnetleads.com, thereby providing you with ever-more people to promote to.
  5. By using ROIbot (or similar tracking software), you can get a pretty good idea of how well your marketing is working.

Can you see why the strategy of promoting programs like BigBooster7Million and FREEnetleads.com, and then promoting your money-making program(s) repeatedly to your downlines, is so much more powerful than the strategy of promoting your money-making program(s) directly to new prospects? (It's explained quite well on the FREEnetleads.com website.)

If you're a member of BigBooster7Million and/or FREEnetleads.com, you're welcome to use the above ad to promote either or both of these programs.

Another important element of TrafficSwarm enables you to benefit from the people who LEAVE any of your webpages. You insert a piece of code provided by TrafficSwarm in any of your webpages. When visitors leave these webpages, a popup or popunder appears that displays TrafficSwarm ads, and you get credit. This credit results in your ad being displayed to other TrafficSwarm members. (This same mechanism is used by "exit-exchange" programs like TrafficMultiplier(sm). At the time of this writing this (8/4/02), I've not yet implemented this aspect of TrafficSwarm.

Writing Ads
By far the most powerful guidelines for writing ads I've come across is the chapter "Earthquake Persuasiveness" in 'Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams' by Steven K. Scott. (Among hundreds of "success books" I've studied over the years, this one is tops!)

I also recommend that you study Gary Halbert's Newsletter Archive.

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