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Have you ever displayed your downline from some program and seen something like this:

123456 A PETER SMITH 123456 8/29/2000
789012 A TOM JEFFERSON 123456 Sweden 9/04/2000
345678 A DICK NIXON 123456 United Kingdom 9/04/2000
901234 A HARRY TRUMAN 123456 CA 9/04/2000
567890 A JAMES MADISON 123456 CA 9/04/2000
123456 A FRANCIS FRENCH 123456 Australia 9/05/2000

etc... maybe continuing for another 100 or more people; and you want to send an email to everyone in your downline? To manually get the email addresses into your email program (Eudora or whatever) might take you half-an-hour or more. Now you can do it in seconds! Just copy/paste the text from your browser into the form below and press submit. Try the above text to see how it works!

Now all you have to do is copy/paste the email addresses into your email program!

Paste in your text (maximum 10,000 characters) and press Submit:


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