In the fall you might see geese heading south for the winter flying along in the "V-formation." The goose in front breaks the wind for the goose to the side and behind. As each bird flaps its wings, it creates an uplift for the bird following.  By flying in a "V-formation," the whole flock adds at least 71% greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own.


The overall project has become Better-World Project (BWP). This project creates a Freeorder of Unprecedented Individual and Economic Freedom.

The main "financial part" of BWP is MegaBooster PRO (MBP).

The main "marketing part" of BWP is MonsterPreLaunch (MPL).

MPL was launched successfully on August 17-18th, 2004.

AdCashDoubler (ACD) is being added to MPL. ACD's Phase 2 is expected to be launched on November 10th, 2004.

MBP is under development and can be expected to be launched early in 2005.

MPL members (as well as members of a few other programs) will be imported into MBP prior to its launch.

Although MBP is described in some detail below, it may be worth summarizing its most important elements:

1. Members can join for FREE and there will never be a requirement for any member to incur any out-of-pocket expenses. This makes it possible for anyone, anywhere in the world, with access to a computer and an Internet connection to join MBP.

2. Free members can start earning (without any out-of-pocket expenses) just by joining MBP. This makes it possible for people all over the world to use MBP to improve their financial situation.

3. Free members will be provided with information, products, services, and facilities they can use to improve their lives.

4. By upgrading their accounts, members will be able to earn more and also receive more advanced information, products, services, and facilities.

5. Payments will be member-to-member via e-gold (centrally controlled by the MBP system to ensure all payments are made correctly). (Additional e-currencies/payment systems will be added later.) This is a phenomenally powerful business model because there are no commissions to be calculated or paid out. Practically all administrative functions are eliminated -- MBP could grow to hundreds of thousands of members and be completely administered by 2 or 3 personnel!

6. $250 a year will be the maximum a member pays (except for "Guaranteed Return Plan" payments). (Prices may be increased if the US$ continues to decline in value.) MBP will provide information, products, services, and facilities in values exceeding the membership fees by a wide margin.

7. Because of the 3-wide matrix structure and powerful marketing methods (particularly MPL), considerable "spillover" can be expected.

8. The effect of the 2-up structure is that MBP members have the potential to have one member on their first level pay them, two on the second, four on the third, eight on the fourth, sixteen on the fifth, etc. This "doubling progression" continues "indefinitely deep." It means that MBP members have the potential to have hundreds of people paying them up to $250 per year each!

9. Comparing MBP to Microsoft, the effect is that MBP customers (even if they incur no out-of-pocket expenses) automatically become "stakeholders" who receive "bonuses" from other customers. As in the case of Microsoft, the earliest "stakeholders" are likely to benefit most.

10. The MBP business model may be one of the most powerful, efficient, and humanitarian business models ever designed!

DISCLAIMER: The provision of information on this page, and related pages linked to, constitutes the dissemination of information in accordance with the right to free speech. Nothing on these pages is to be interpreted as a financial offer, solicitation, or prospectus. Nor does this information constitute legal, accounting, tax, currency, banking, or investment advice. Anyone seeking such advice should consult a properly qualified and accredited professional. All readers of these pages are emphatically advised to obey all laws to the letter. ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR PARTICIPATION ARE VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LOCAL LAWS. All participants participate entirely at their own risk and agree to hold, and their owners harmless in respect of any losses incurred (except for guarantees that may be provided by


  1. Introduction

  2. MegaBooster PRO ("Sizzle" Version)
  3. List of "Motivators"
  4. Freeorder of Unprecedented Individual and Economic Freedom
  5. The Win-Lose Switch
  6. The "Opportunity Gap"
  7. The "Big Vision"
  8. The Power of "Ryze"
  9. MegaBooster PRO ("Steak" Version)
  10. MonsterPreLaunch
  11. Human Ability Booster (HAB) Module
  12. Products, Services, and Facilities
  13. Notes on Motivation
  14. Better-World Builders and Better-World Academies
  15. Underachievement and Self-Sabotage
  16. Learned Helplessness
  17. Negativity
  18. Fear of Rejection
  19. Psychological Reversal
  20. Brain Software Sequencing
  21. Affirmism and Affirmists
  22. Stigmergic Systems
  23. Become a 10X Performing Person!


This project started modestly with my (Frederick Mann's) recognition that huge rewards could be reaped by those who solve the "duplication problem" in MLM-type programs: How do you motivate your downline to duplicate successful marketing actions? The scope of the project expanded when I realized that competence was also a central issue: How do you motivate your downline to take the necessary steps to increase their competence so they can duplicate successful marketing actions?

The project became much bigger when I realized that the "low competence level" of so many people represents a big opportunity, described in more detail under The "Big Vision" and The "Opportunity Gap".

In my experience, over 90% (it could be as high as 98% or even 99%) of people trying to earn money on the Internet fail. This is due to "low-level performance," described in more detail in Underachievement and Self-Sabotage.

With the assistance of some of the "Motivators" a "distribution business model" (money-making program) was designed to "bridge the opportunity gap": MegaBooster PRO

A powerful Internet marketing technique was identified, and this developed into MonsterPreLaunch.

A new dimension was added to the project when I joined Ryze (The Power of "Ryze") and discovered how powerful a networking tool it is. The Better-World Project was created. Utilizing Ryze will most likely accelerate the project considerably.

A further dimension was added to the project when I realized that in order to create a better world we need "Better-World Builders" to do the job and we need "Better-World Academies" to train them.


(This is a "Marketing Version" of MegaBooster PRO. There's also a "Steak" Version with the technical details.)

Can You Earn a Fortune, Starting with Nothing, and with No Out-of-Pocket Expenses? In Other Words, Can You Create a Fortune out of Nothing?

Hello! My name is Frederick Mann (the "Mr. X" referred to in some of our advertisements) and I'm glad to report that the "Magic of the Internet" indeed makes it possible to create a fortune out of nothing. MegaBooster PRO essentially consists of a combination of 8 breakthroughs that makes it possible for the average person to literally create a fortune out of nothing!

However, it requires TIME. But some people would rather devote their time to other things. So we have created an option whereby you pay us to do all the work for you. It's called the "Guaranteed Return Plan" and we'll tell you more about it later.

There's also a third option. If you get in early enough, you can earn a fortune without spending your time and without having to pay us! Because MegaBooster PRO is FREE, you can join and just wait for a month or two to see if you start earning or not. If you do start earning quickly, have a free lunch on us! If after a few months, your earnings are not to your liking, and you would like to start earning more, then you can make a choice:

  1. Spend some time to market MegaBooster PRO. Our "Blind Front-End Marketing" makes it very easy; or
  2. Pay us to do all the work for you -- "Guaranteed Return Plan" GRP) -- pay us $100 or up to $1,000, and we'll build your downline and guarantee your earnings of $400/$4,000 during your first year and $600/$6,000 during your second year -- you basically earn back 10 times your GRP money in 2 years!

Now, let us tell you about the 8 great breakthroughs:

#1 Breakthrough: Our "Blind Front-End Marketing" makes Internet marketing much more powerful because of the following reasons:

  1. It's designed to generate excitement. ("Get into this huge new business before the masses!")
  2. It uses the "Don't-Get-Left-Behind" motivator. ("Tell everyone you know before they start contacting you about getting involved.")
  3. It's very generalized. All the specifics people typically object to, or say "No" to, have been eliminated. This is very powerful marketing psychology!
  4. One or more powerful testimonials to create credibility. (One of the most important reasons why people don't join programs is because they're skeptical.) The testimonials* (* see Sponsoring Protocol) are very powerful!
  5. It uses the curiosity motivator. ("I can't wait to find out exactly what this new business is about and how it works!"; "Who is Mr. X?")

#2 Breakthrough: Join for FREE and earn without any out-of-pocket expenses! With many programs there are both up-front costs and monthly payments. For many members, it's a struggle just to get to a break-even point. Many don't make it. They give up within a few months and drop out. MegaBooster PRO has completely eliminated this obstacle that shackles so many other programs.

#3 Breakthrough: MegaBooster PRO has solved the "retention problem." With many programs, it's very frustrating to work hard at building a downline, only to see, after a few months, people dropping out like "falling dominos." A large downline can implode and disappear within a few months. With MegaBooster you either upgrade or you don't. If you upgrade, you pay an annual fee. But if after a year you don't pay your renewal fee, you're account simply become a free membership -- and you can continue earning (albeit at lower rates) without making any payments. There's no need for anyone to drop out -- retention problem solved!

#4 Breakthrough: Some people regard TIME as their most precious commodity. They would rather pay someone else to do the work. That's why we have the "Guaranteed Return Plan" (GRP). Pay us $100 extra and we do all the work to build and maintain your downline. We basically guarantee that you'll earn back ten times your GRP money in 2 years! (As explained in "#8 Breakthrough" below, when building your downline we have the ability to place new members only in "pay-you positions." This makes it relatively easy for us to meet our GRP obligations.)

#5 Breakthrough: We've designed a revolutionary compensation plan: a "3-wide forced matrix" combined with the "Australian 2-up system." What this boils down to is that you have a maximum of 3 people on your first level. If you sponsor more than 3 people, the extra people "spill over" to lower levels. Call the people on your first level, "A," "B," and "B." A pays you. The two Bs pay your upline. Under your A, there will eventually be 2 Bs who pay you. So, on your first level you get 1 A who pays you. On your 2nd level you get 2 Bs who pay you. If you draw a diagram and extend it to further levels, you'll find that on your 3rd level you get 4 Bs who pay you; on your 4th level you get 8 Bs who pay you; on your 5th level you get 16 Bs who pay you. This "doubling progression" continues "indefinitely deep." There's no telling how many people could be paying you after a year or two! (It's the spillover made possible by the "3-wide forced matrix" that will enable some members to earn a great deal even if they do nothing... but don't count on it!)

#6 Breakthrough: MegaBooster PRO's member-to-member payments means that the people who pay you, make their payments directly to your e-gold account (or other currencies/payment systems, when we add them). Payments are centrally controlled by the MegaBooster system to ensure all payments are made correctly. Member-to-member payment means that MegaBooster PRO never has to calculate and pay commissions. Makes it very efficient! You also don't have to wait for your payments. This a huge breakthrough that, together with using alternative currencies and payments systems like e-gold, eliminates practically all MegaBooster PRO's administrative functions and literally makes it possible to have an organization with hundreds of thousands of members operated by just 2 or 3 personnel!

#7 Breakthrough: MegaBooster PRO has 5 membership levels: Free, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Master. The higher your level, the more products, services, and facilities are available to you. Also the higher your level, the more you earn. You can start as a Free member and use some of your earnings to upgrade. The MegaBooster PRO system provides strong incentives for every member to upgrade to a higher level and to Master as soon as possible. This "upgrade system" is an important breakthrough because it allows Free members to start earning with no out-of-pocket expenses, and to later upgrade to maximize their earnings.

#8 Breakthrough: MegaBooster PRO has what might be called a strong "heavy-hitter reward system." Consider the As and Bs explained in "#5 Breakthrough." The way it works is that the A on your first level pays you. On the 2nd level, the 2 Bs under the above A pay you. On the 3rd level, the 4 Bs under the 2 above Bs pay you. This means that the MegaBooster PRO system always has the ability to place new members in your downline so they pay you. In other words, the "pay-you positions" in your downline can be filled, while leaving the "don't-pay-you positions" empty. Depending on how many people you sponsor, up to 80% of your referrals will be placed in "pay-you positions." This makes MegaBooster PRO hugely rewarding for the most productive! It's important to realize that once you've upgraded to Master, all those in "pay-you positions" make 100% of their payments (except for GRP money) directly to you!

(Some people may object to MegaBooster PRO on the grounds that there will come a time when there will be many people at the bottom of the matrix who are not earning any significant money. While theoretically this could happen after some decades, the answer to the objection is: Think of MegaBooster PRO as a company that sells products, services, and facilities worth many times their cost to their customers. As a goodwill measure on the part of MegaBooster PRO customers, some customers receive "bonus payments" from other customers. There is no guarantee that these "bonus payments" will continue indefinitely. However, customers who successfully help MegaBooster PRO market its products, services, and facilities will always receive "bonus payments" from some of the customers they market to. NEW PEOPLE ARE BORN EVERY DAY AND EVENTUALLY BECOME MEGABOOSTER PRO PROSPECTS! Another possible objection is that its "payment structure" might subject MegaBooster PRO to being deemed illegal in some localities. Answer: MegaBooster PRO doesn't have a "payment structure" and doesn't make any payments to customers or distributors (except for the possibility of refunds related to the "Guaranteed Return Plan"). As far as we know, no legitimate legal authority has determined MegaBooster PRO to be illegal in their locality. If you think MegaBooster PRO might be illegal in the locality whose laws and/or regulations you are subject to, then you shouldn't participate. However, because MegaBooster PRO doesn't make payments to customers or distributors, we think it unlikely that any legitimate legal authority would determine it to be illegal. It must be emphasized that MegaBooster PRO is not a "gifting club" and the member-to-member payments are not "gifts"; rather, they are "marketing bonuses" in the nature of "finder's fees.")


The following people (in alphabetic sequence) have decided to put their heads together to address the Motivation-Challenge:

  1. Glen Brink has been a full-time network marketer since 1979. He has enjoyed a high degree of success since 1994, particularly with MLM mail order. He has Masters Degrees in Computer Science and Statistics. He is an Avatar Master and the Founder of the Multi-Level Entrepreneur's Training Library (NETL) of generic training tapes and books. A catalog of his materials -- covering Network Marketing (MLM), Mail Order, Personal Development, and Health -- can be ordered from 1-303-442-6460.

  2. Flemming Funch:

    You can find the New Civilization Network (NCN) at It is an online network and community with more than 7,000 people in the directory. It is about sharing our visions for a better world and about searching for ways to cooperate in manifesting them.

    World Transformation at is sort of my home page. It is really not very up-to-date at this point. But you can still find a lot of resources there that somehow add up to building a better world.

    HoloWorld at is my own comprehensive vision of the future. It outlines a blueprint for a radically different society that would work better.

    Transformational Processing at is my approach for personal counseling. It is a straightforward and effective system for transforming personal reality. You'll find my training manuals online there.

    The best place to stay up on what I'm into is my daily weblog, Ming's Metalogue, which is at

  3. Mike Goldstein is President of Idenics. "I have been working in the field of self-improvement and personal growth since 1969. In 1980 I met John Galusha, a man working in this field since the late 1940s. We started a company called Survival Services International, bringing others on board who specialized in various areas of self-actualization and had a kind of a "power institute," delivering many different services. John continued his 30-year practice of delivery and research, and in 1987 made some breakthroughs that made practically everything else we had been doing, or knew of, obsolete. These breakthroughs were the beginning of what we now call Idenics. We kept the name of the company, Survival Services, but the only service we have delivered since that time is Idenics. (Regrettably, John Galusha died in 1996 at age 77.) Idenics is delivered on a one-to-one basis, either in person or over the telephone, addressing people's issues or unwanted conditions. In other words, things people have about themselves that they don't like, want to handle, resolve, change or improve. Since 1987, Survival Services has delivered Idenics to people from all over the world. A majority of our clients had previously spent years working with other systems and methodologies trying to resolve their unwanted conditions, often without having achieved the desired results. By contrast, in 95% of the cases, our clients have resolved their unwanted conditions, to their satisfaction, in a matter of hours. These spectacular results are a commonplace and daily occurrence with Idenics delivery."
    "I've been following Frederick Mann's writings for several years. Finally, last week I hooked up with Mike Goldstein of Idenics. I really want to thank you for the simplicity, truth and ease with which you helped me SEE CLEARLY that which was causing so much agony for me. I also appreciate the method of NOT trying to dig up and analyze a bunch of garbage from the past with an agenda preset by you. Your integrity to the work you do is admirable and I will definitely recommend you to any and all possible. I am truly amazed at how quickly you helped me get to the root of what had caused me so much pain and confusion for 13 years! The breakthroughs that I have had since we talked have been numerous and I continue to feel the freedom that I always knew I should feel but had forgotten how. To say that I have literally had my life reset in one session is not an exaggeration. What's even more impressive is that what years of analyzing, study, books, tapes, etc... could not solve you helped me solve in under TWO HOURS!! That is amazing!" -- BB (3/17/04)
  4. Mark Lindsay is the MegaBooster* webmaster and programmer. He is also a psychology graduate and the author of "#TL12: HOW TO ACHIEVE EMOTIONAL CONTROL." (* See Sponsoring Protocol. Note: Currently (July, 2004) MegaBooster is a free program with no PRO membership levels. PRO levels will be added as part of the Motivation-Challenge project.)

    "I am studying a course at the moment trying to obtain my certification as a Trainer and I would like to present some of the information from your research paper as well as hand out your paper as a reference for further reading. In researching what was on the web I found yours to be the most comprehensive and interesting." -- K (02/19/04)

  5. Frederick Mann has been earning a full-time online income since 1997, and is the Owner of MegaBooster*. (* See Sponsoring Protocol.)
    "I have been able to use your example and recommendations to become entirely debt free, build a small fully paid for home on my own fully paid for property, and live entirely off my online income. Thank you Frederick." -- DL (1/24/04)

  6. Mark Matus is a web designer, editor, and technical writer with degrees in English Literature, Speech Communication, and Web Design.
    "Frederick, you are an evolutionary force in the universe whose impact will be felt forever. Goethe said,"Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid," and now you have become one of those very forces through your own acts of boldness. Your articles are bridges across rivers of information; combining strategy and action, your life is an inspiration for many. I only wish more were aware of your genius. Though I'm sure you value your privacy, many who continue to struggle in darkness would awaken from their sleepwalking states if they encountered the beacon of hope that you've created. You are one of the greatest freedom hackers in history..." (9/26/03)
  7. Tim Rock has Degrees in Business, Psychology, and Clinical Social Work. He has practiced in the field of psychology and behavior disorders since 1992, mostly with adolescents. He is building an Internet marketing portal,*, featuring many free resources for both new and experienced marketers and business opportunity seekers. In 2003, he won the top prize of $1,000 in a sponsoring contest. He also trades on the forex market and utilizes various high yield investment programs to supplement his online income.

  8. T Sebastian is the creator of Emotional Harmony Organization and is now in the prelaunch phase of The Whole Human Project. He has owned his own businesses for 30 years. He is a student of cutting edge Human Change Technology like Transformational Processing, Idenics, MIP, Meridian Therapy, Energy Psychology. He is the editor of Energy Psychology - Meridian Therapy - Clearing Process Journal and now dedicates himself to facilitating personal transformation as well as Wholeness & Freedom to help Build a Better World.

  9. Mary K Weinhagen is a fulltime Network Marketer and Network Marketing Coach. With a degree in Child Psychology, she draws on 30+ years of guidance by dozens of young children who have taught her what it truly means to "step into your power!" As a Trainer, she has designed, developed and presented workshops to Childcare Professionals in Minnesota particularly around the issues of Motivation, Behavior and Temperament. Additionally, she is currently contributing to the GreatestNetworker.comUNITY as a TGN Team Member, providing connection through conversations in the Network Marketer that reveal values and highlight strengths and gifts that are present, though perhaps unacknowledged. You can find out more about Mary K here:

  10. L. Reichard White has made his living as a professional gambler for over thirty years and specializes in games theory and self-motivation in enterprises with uncertain outcomes. His current studies include the evolution of lying as part of modern enterprise, the ethnology of rebellion and the effects of prediction and self-image on behavior. He is currently working on a book, 'The Hi-jacking of Civilization,' which reframes theories of the origin of the institution of government and explains why free markets and "spontaneous order" trump "central planning" every time. Further, based on the ethnographic record, 'Hi-jacking' demonstrates a biological basis underlying anti-authoritarianism, spontaneous order, and anarchy as well as making the case for the existence of human "instincts for freedom."

  11. Don Winfield is a Networker, Public Speaker, Seminar Producer and one of the world¹s foremost authorities on how Individual Freedom works best without government help.
    "I started helping with the production of seminars for local libertarian party conventions. When Frederick Mann started doing seminars for Build Freedom, I offered to put them together. We provided a number of highly successful seminars with speakers who focused on "How to take control of your own destiny." Currently I'm helping to create a program to unleash a revolutionary stress-releasing technology that enables people to achieve high levels of health, wealth and happiness. The following people (several brought in through my networking) are involved: Dr. Alex Loyd, Ph.D. (discovered and developed the technology -- could turn out to be one of the greatest health breakthroughs in human history!), Dr. Ben Johnson (has three medical degrees and founded an International Cancer Research and Treatment Facility -- the technology relieved his personal Lou Gehrig's disease symptoms), Mark Victor Hansen (co-author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books -- a friend of Mark's with a malignant tumor used the technology and had no traces of cancer ninety days later), and Joe Sugarman (legendary marketer and author of 'Success Forces')."

Joining the Project

The best way to get involved with this project now that MonsterPreLaunch has been launched is to join MonsterPreLaunch*.

(* Sponsoring Protocol: If you decide to join any of the programs (particularly MegaBooster*), mentioned on this page (or on pages linked to from this page) please be sure to check with your sponsor/referrer to ensure you join in his/her downline, where appropriate.)


For an explanation of the term "freeorder," see Better-World Project.

Although it's not well known among the general population -- and probably even among many freedom-oriented people -- the advent of alternative private currencies and payment systems heralds an unprecedented new era of economic freedom. Private currencies like e-gold make it possible for individuals anywhere in the world to transact with one another, privately and securely. There are also relatively quick and convenient ways to exchange national fiat currencies into private currencies and vice versa. Exchange Providers (usually called "Market Makers") are available to provide these conversions. As an example, when you need "cash to buy groceries," you can send some private currency to an Exchange Provider to fund your debit card, and -- voila! -- you have "spending money." You also have the option to pay private currency to an Exchange Provider and instruct them to wire money to your bank account (or even to pay your bills). With some private payment systems it's possible to transfer money directly to a bank account, without going through an Exchange Provider.

To get an idea of the extent to which e-gold is being used, check out their statistics page. Most days the transaction volume is well over the equivalent of a million US$s. (Note: e-gold has recently made the use of their accounts much more secure by adding a security feature whereby, if an attempt is made to access an e-gold account from a browser/IP address different from the previous ones used, a unique pin # is sent to the user's email address, and the pin # must be entered to gain access.)

Initially, MegaBooster PRO will use e-gold. Some of the following may be added later as alternatives:

The implication of the above list is that there's a substantial demand for using alternative, private currencies and payment systems, and that people from all over the world are using them in increasing numbers.

A very important consideration is the efficiency made possible by the Internet combined with alternative currencies and payment systems. There's no need for MegaBooster PRO to have data-entry personnel, no need for telephone answering, no need for snail mail. No need for credit-card processing and all the hassle that can entail. No need to write check and money order details on deposit slips -- no banking personnel needed. And, because MegaBooster PRO has member-to-member payments, there's no need to calculate and pay commissions. It's pretty difficult to get more efficient than that! It means that 2 or 3 personnel can administer a huge organization.

Now, consider individuals who generate earnings through online activities (occurring in cyberspace) that are not geographically based. Furthermore, these individuals can generate earnings from any location on Earth, provided they have Internet access. Imagine that their earnings are sufficient so that if they happen to live in a part of the world where they are victimized by an "oppressive system," they can afford to relocate with relative ease to a different part of the world with a "less oppressive system" or even a "relatively free system." MegaBooster PRO has the potential to provide thousands and even millions of individuals with this kind of flexibility.

Suppose a group such as the FreeStateProject wants to dramatically increase their funding. All they have to do is join MegaBooster PRO (for free, if they wish) and promote it to their members. This could soon result in avalanches of new funding. They could further join the Better-World Project (BWP) and promote their project there to further swell their numbers and funding. Similarly, many other groups have the potential to use MegaBooster PRO and BWP to improve their funding and swell their numbers.

The basic idea behind the FreeStateProject is for freedom lovers to move to New Hampshire and make it a much freer state. There are probably many freedom lovers who would love to relocate to New Hampshire, but it's not practical for them to do so, because they're "tied down by their jobs" elsewhere. MegaBooster PRO could provide them with the freedom to "quit their jobs" and relocate to New Hampshire -- or elsewhere, if they prefer; there's also a "Wyoming FreeStateProject."

Suppose the FreeStateProject persuades 1,000 of their members to join BWP. Suppose 20 other groups (freedom-oriented or not) also each persuade 1,000 of their members to join BWP. Suppose most of these people join MegaBooster PRO. Suppose that within a few months MonsterPreLaunch brings 50,000 people into MegaBooster PRO (probably an overly conservative expectation). Further suppose that when it becomes evident that MegaBooster PRO "delivers the goods," current members find it relatively easy to sponsor new members, particularly because it's free to join and free members can start earning without any out-of-pocket expenses... The numbers can grow very quickly! The "V-formation of the geese" can start taking effect with a vengeance! The design of both BWP and MegaBooster PRO is such that every member can benefit from the participation of every other member.

Ryze is a powerful networking system. Each Ryze member has a personal home page. Many provide considerable information about themselves. It's relatively easy to identify "good prospects" and contact them without spamming. It's also very easy to establish contact with the Network Leaders in Ryze, and they have the ability to both promote on their Message Boards and email their members. Utilizing Ryze could contribute tremendously to the growth of BWP and eventually MegaBooster PRO.

Another important consideration is that there are millions of people, who are not particularly freedom-oriented, trying to earn money online. Many of them use e-gold and other private currencies and payment systems because it's more convenient than national fiat currencies for many transactions. They engage in "freeorder transactions" and (even if unintentionally) help to expand the worldwide freeorder. Particularly MonsterPreLaunch has the potential to substantially increase the numbers of people engaging in freeorder transactions and helping to expand the worldwide freeorder. In general, the "money-motivation" may be stronger than the "freedom-motivation" or the "better-world-motivation!"

In any case, for most freedom lovers, the single factor that would contribute most to their individual freedom is more money! The combination of MonsterPreLaunch, Better-World Project, and MegaBooster PRO is likely to make it relatively easy for great numbers to "buy" considerably more individual freedom than they now enjoy.

That probably over 90% of people trying to generate earnings through online activities fail miserably provides both a challenge and an opportunity. They fail because of "poor software in their brains." Much of the rest of this page deals with how to "upgrade your software." That so many people have such "poor software in their brains" means that there's a huge profit potential in providing them with "better software." The professional trainers, mentors, and coaches listed on the BWP home page may play important roles in this respect.


Your Win-Lose SwitchThe Win-Lose Switch
Consider that each of us has a master "win-lose switch" in our mind. It's a graduated switch like those used for big direct-current electric motors. Rather than just "on" and "off" settings, it's a graduated switch with eleven settings from "0" to "10." If we set our master switch to "zero," we are completely turned off -- a total loser. If we set our master switch to "ten," we are the complete winner.

How do you move your switch to a higher setting? In the case of the big DC motor, as the switch is turned up, more electricity is supplied and the motor runs faster. How do you turn up your switch, become more energetic and competent, and take more effective action? (Note: If the switch is immediately turned from "0" to "10," the motor will overload and burn out.)

Of course, there isn't just one master switch that measures the extent to which we win or lose in life. We can think in terms of a win-lose switch in every area of life we care to specify. For example, I can think in terms of my health win-lose switch, my relationship win-lose switch, my money win-lose switch, etc.

In each area of life, I can think of my win-lose switch as being a measure of my relative success in that area. Success is winning; failure is losing.

What I call the "OSTRICH FACTOR" may be most important here! The term "ostrich factor" comes from the chapter title "The Denial of Personal Disadvantage Among You, Me, and All the Other Ostriches" (by Crosby, Faye, Ann Pufall, Rebecca Claire Snyder, Marion O'Connell, and Peg Whalen. (1989); Pp.79-99 in 'Gender and Thought: Psychological Perspectives' edited by Mary Crawford, and Margaret Gentry. New York: Springer-Verlag).

A great deal of research has been done to demonstrate that relatively incompetent people tend to overestimate their level of competence. And, the more incompetent people are, the more they tend to overestimate their competence.



You can read much more about this in #TL10E: THE POWER OF DOING THINGS RIGHT.

What this amounts to is that many people are likely to think that their win-lose switch in some area of their life is at 4, 5, or higher... when a more accurate assessment might be 2 or 3!


Why has Microsoft been so successful? Why did it overtake IBM in terms of market valuation some years ago?

Microsoft basically sells software programs to make personal computers more efficient and effective and easier to use. (The quality of their products and the strategies they use to gain market share, obtain more money from their customers, and "take care" of their competition are beyond the scope of this project.)

We could call Microsoft's programs "computer success programs." (But, personally, I prefer Linux!) At the time Microsoft was created its potential could have been measured by the difference between how successful personal computers were at that time compared to how successful they could become. There was a gap between what was and what could be. This gap represents potential. By utilizing this gap of potential, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and some of his associates became billionaires and top the list of the richest people in the world.

The "gap of potential" can also be called an "opportunity gap." In human affairs there is also a gap between what is and what could or should be. We suffer from "human failure programs" that tend to keep many of us stuck at low levels -- if we allow them to! The gap between what is and what could or should be represents potential -- the opportunity gap. In human affairs generally, this potential is vastly greater than the potential that enabled Bill Gates to become the richest man in the world.

There is this huge potential of the opportunity gap in human affairs. Most people, in several areas of their lives, have their win-lose switches stuck at low levels. Provide people with the means to bridge the opportunity gap -- shift from where they are to where they could or should be -- and earn a fortune, is the main emphasis of this project.

To the extent that MegaBooster PRO can succeed in providing people with "superior brain software" -- and the means for them to dump their "old, obsolete software" and replace it with "superior brain software" -- MegaBooster PRO could become a "billion dollar operation!"

Buckminster Fuller calculated that, given the resources on Earth, every man, woman, and child should be a millionaire many times over. That so many humans, despite our wealth of resources, languish in "substandard conditions" (to put it mildly) can be ascribed to the actions they take (and don't take). These actions (and non-actions) are the result of "individual brain software."

One of the greatest values that could be provided to the world is "superior brain software" that leads to individuals and societies upgrading their conditions toward their maximum potential. This is essentially the mission of MegaBooster PRO. It's possible to design and construct MegaBooster PRO so those who contribute to, and participate in, this noble venture will gain substantial rewards!

The "Ostrich Factor" -- the overestimation of competence -- may suggest that the opportunity gap in human affairs could be vastly greater than most would at first realize. For example, what if "compulsory government education" is largely an "installer of disastrously and tragically destructive human software?" See ARE OUR SCHOOLS CONCENTRATION CAMPUSES FOR MIND DESTRUCTION? and #TL07B: THE NATURE OF GOVERNMENT.


----- 15 Propositions -----

1. The difference between where PCs were when Bill Gates started and where they are now could be called an "opportunity gap." By providing software, Gates helped PCs "bridge the opportunity gap" and became the richest man in the world.

2. All humans can be described as "being at a certain level, in terms of the software in their brains."

3. About 98-99% of people trying to make money on the Internet are not very successful -- because of factors like motivation and competence -- "inefficient/ineffective brain software."

4. Most humans, in at least some areas of their lives, "run on inefficient/ineffective brain software."

5. The opportunity gap between where most people currently are and where they could or should be is vastly greater than the opportunity gap Bill Gates exploited to become a billionaire.

6. By providing people with "superior brain software" -- and MOTIVATING them to IMPLEMENT it -- there are opportunities to earn vastly more money than Gates has earned so far.

7. Unfortunately, it's much more difficult for humans to "upgrade their brain software" than it is to upgrade a computer's software.

8. To the degree that humans can be MOTIVATED to UPGRADE, fortunes can be made!

9. Given the resources on Earth, every man, woman, and child should be a millionaire many times over (Buckminster Fuller).

10. The conditions prevailing in individual lives and human societies are largely consequences of human actions, which are the results of "individual human brain software."

11. Conditions such as poverty, famine, crime, etc. are an indication of the opportunity gap that can be bridged by "superior brain software."

12. One of the greatest values that could be provided to the world is "superior brain software" that leads to individuals and societies upgrading their conditions toward their maximum potential.

13. Nobody has a monopoly on what constitutes "superior brain software."

14. Many people who have identified or developed "superior brain software," lack the means to distribute or disseminate their "superior brain software" so others can benefit from it.

15. An Internet system can be created that makes it relatively easy for anyone to cooperate with others to develop "superior brain software," to distribute or disseminate such "superior brain software," and to be paid generously by the system for their efforts.

----- 7 Broad Observations -----

1. There are a large number of people with "good stuff" in their heads and on their websites. There's a great deal of "good stuff" in the world!

2. Some people with "good stuff" in their heads have designed projects to provide their "good stuff" to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, these idealists and visionaries are often underfunded and lack the power and influence to make the differences the world so desperately needs.

3. There's also a great deal of "bad stuff" in the world. In general, the "purveyors of bad stuff" (often including some people in "Big Business" and "Big Government") have the upper hand by a huge margin.

4. Some "average" people can succeed up to a point in jobs where what works has been developed and determined by others, but many seem to have been so "dumbed down" by "bad stuff" that a high percentage of them fail miserably when they try to do something that requires independent thought, action, and learning through trial-and-error -- like Internet marketing. Many seem to operate at a low level of proficiency.

5. Imagine that people with "good stuff" can have a "magic accelerator" that enables them to disseminate their "good stuff" more widely -- and earn a great deal of money at the same time.

6. Imagine that the "average people at the bottom" can be provided with some "good stuff" they can use to upgrade themselves and their lives so they become healthier, happier, more productive, etc. -- and earn a great deal of money helping to disseminate the "good stuff."

7. With the design contributions of the "motivators" listed above, this project is in the process of creating the "magic accelerator of good stuff!"


An important expansion of this project involves using the Ryze Network.

Unsolicited Testimonial

"Welcome [Frederick Mann] -- The Ryze community can only benefit from your contributions as I have!! The lucky ones will accept the brilliant insights you so generously share and see the successful results on sooo many levels that I'm experiencing as a result of applying your powerful, yet practical, insights and advice that open the door to an abundance mindset and a bank account reflecting financial wellness that is globally inclusive! I'm so delighted to find my valuable mentor and friend over here at Ryze -- :-)"
-- Mary K. Weinhagen (07/04/04) -

I've created the Better-World Project. See also my Personal Ryze Page (Sign up for FREE! to see my page -- and create a similar home page for yourself!). Ryze is one of the most powerful networking and marketing tools I know of. You can use it for FREE! I recommend it highly!

The idea of "Libertools" may be a breakthrough. A "libertool" is any tool that can be used to liberate yourself from an "unwanted condition" in your life; any tool you can use to free yourself from whatever holds you back; any tool that advances your competence, effectiveness, health, wealth, happiness, etc. The strategy of "Identifying and developing libertools and persuading people to use them!" may yield spectacular results!

Ryze has over 120,000 members from all over the world. There are about 800 "Networks" on Ryze, each with its own Message Board. One of the great benefits of Ryze is that, once you've established your "presence" (as I have with the Better-World Project and my Personal Ryze Page), people often come to you without any action on your part to find them. I've already made some great contacts as a result of people "finding me" on Ryze! I can also search the entire Ryze membership to find people in particular industries, geographical locations, and/or having particular interests. Ryze provides the means to contact the "Network Leaders" who have the ability to email their network members. Ryze also provides powerful ways to establish contact with strangers without spamming them.


Note #1: Currently (July, 2004) MegaBooster is a free program with no PRO membership levels. PRO levels will be added as part of the Motivation-Challenge project.

Note #2: The structure and compensation plan proposed here are preliminary. Anyone is welcome to propose a superior structure and compensation plan. All serious proposals will be considered carefully.

Five levels of membership:

1. Free Member         -  Free
2. Basic Member        -  $10 (per year)
3. Intermediate Member -  $50 (per year)
4. Advanced Member     - $100 (per year)
5. Master Member       - $250 (per year)

The initial e-currency/payment systems will be e-gold. Others could be added later as additional alternatives.

MegaBooster PRO is a "modified 2-up system" with a 3-wide matrix. The first PRO you refer (or you receive as spillover, or who upgrades from your downline) pays you. The next two PROs you refer (or you receive as spillover, or who upgrade from your downline) are passed up to your PRO upline. All subsequent PROs you sponsor spill over to your downline. The structure of the system is such that one person on your first level pays you, two on your second level pay you, four on your third level pay you, etc. The "doubling effect" continues indefinitely. For an explanation of a straightforward 2-up system, see How the "GetMoreGreenBack* Cash-Flow Leveraging System" Works (in a Nutshell) and The Power and Vision of GMGB's Cash-Flow Leveraging System.

The proposed MegaBooster PRO system is more complex, because it utilizes a matrix, there are multiple membership levels, and the payment amounts received depend on the membership levels of the referrers and referrals, in accordance with the following table:


As a Free member, you earn $5/$10/$15/$25 from B/I/A/M members who pay you.

As a Basic member, you earn $10/$15/$25/$50 from B/I/A/M members who pay you.

As an Intermediate member, you earn $10/$50/$75/$100 from B/I/A/M members who pay you.

As an Advanced member, you earn $10/$50/$100/$150 from B/I/A/M members who pay you.

As a Master member, you earn $10/$50/$100/$250 from B/I/A/M members who pay you.

As a PRO, for someone at or below your membership level who pays you, you receive the full membership fee.

When you as a PRO member are paid less than the full amount by someone (at a higher membership level than yours), the difference is paid to MegaBooster. (This is one way MegaBooster itself is paid. The other way MegaBooster gets paid is by itself referring members.) Following are some example transactions:

Your earnings increase dramatically as you upgrade your membership level. Upgrading from any level costs the same as the membership fee for the level being upgraded to, e.g., upgrading from Free, Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced to Master all cost $250. By immediately upgrading to any level, you save the costs of the levels below that. There's a strong incentive to upgrade your membership level to Diamond as soon as possible. Also note that you can start earning as a Free member, potentially enabling anyone to earn the fees to upgrade without any out-of-pocket expenses.

Note that payments are member-to-member. This means instant rewards for PRO referrals, upgrades, and spillover! It also means that MegaBooster itself doesn't have any administrative functions related to paying members. This makes membership payments highly efficient! (These member-to-member payments are centrally controlled by the MegaBooster PRO system to ensure that all payments are made correctly.

Rewarding Productive Members: Normally, the matrix is filled top-to-bottom and left-to-right. All referrals are placed in the sponsor's downline. However, to reward productive sponsors, a higher percentage of their personal referrals are placed in positions that pay the productive sponsors, in accordance with the following table:

Number Sponsored...Percentage of Positions that Pay Sponsor
.....1-20.............Downline filled left-to-right (30%)

Guaranteed Return Plan (GRP): To receive guaranteed returns, Master members can pay MegaBooster to build their downlines. GRP is only available to MegaBooster PRO members who have paid their $250 to upgrade to Master. To participate in GRP, Master members can pay an additional amount from $100 - $1,000 ($100 increments) and receive guaranteed returns in accordance with the following table:

GRP Payment......Year-1 Guaranteed Return......Year-2 Guaranteed Return

GRP is available only to 1,000 members. MegaBooster PRO management has the option to make GRP available to additional members. Master members can upgrade their GRP at any time by paying $100 (or multiple), up to the maximum of $1,000. Guarantee: If during the first year, the Guaranteed Return is not achieved, the member will receive a refund of $275 plus 110% of GRP Payment minus earnings during the 1st year; if during the second year, the Guaranteed Return is not achieved, the member will receive a refund of $275 plus 110% of GRP Payment minus earnings during the 2nd year.

MegaBooster PRO could offer the following benefits:

Free Member Benefits:

Basic Member Benefits:

Intermediate Member Benefits:

Advanced Member Benefits:

Master Member Benefits:

Point system. MegaBooster could include a "Point System." Members earn Points for certain tasks performed. For example, when reading emails from MegaBooster Admin and from Master Members, they click on the "main URL" in the email and look at the webpage at least 30 seconds, to earn Points. There could be several ways of "spending" Points.


On 3/23/04 I received a promotional email along the following lines:


JOIN FREE AND PASS IT ON... read on and see why?


The world's most successful Internet marketing
firm is joining teams with the biggest online
computerized infrastructure company, to build
the largest home-based business opportunity
the Internet has ever seen!


Hands down, this is the biggest Internet business
we have ever seen in all of our years on the Net.
The HUGE NEWS is our group has the incredible
exclusive opportunity to introduce you to this
new company before the doors open.


You have the chance to get in first before anyone
in the world!! All you have to do is sign-up for
free and then tell EVERYONE you know before they
contact you about getting involved.

LOCK IN YOUR POSITION NOW FOR FREE!!! (link no longer operational)

I joined and started promoting to my lists the same day. After about 40 hours my downline in "NetConvergence" looked like this:

Total in downline: 594
Level 1: 1
Level 2: 100
Level 3: 367
Level 4: 85
Level 5: 23
Level 6: 16
Level 7: 3

I don't know if "NetConvergence" is for real, or just a scam to harvest email addresses. I do know that many people quickly joined from my promotion and several people in my downline quickly sponsored others.


When you log in to your "NetConvergence" account, you see a list of your downline with names and email addresses. You can also get an idea of who the productive members in your downline are and how many each of them has sponsored. You can copy and paste the details, so you can store them, in case "NetConvergence" suddenly disappears.

The first implication of the above is that a similar "blind front-end marketing method" could be used to "launch" MegaBooster PRO. This could be done honestly, while saying very little about MegaBooster PRO.

The second implication is that a "blind front-end marketing method" could be used to promote MegaBooster PRO on an ongoing basis. It would use the "NetConvergence strategy" in an honest way. It may even be possible to create an honest new version every month or so! MegaBooster PRO members would have the option to promote MegaBooster PRO directly or via one or more "blind front-end marketing methods."

A week or so, after blind-front-end members join, they are imported into MegaBooster PRO and asked to activate their FREE accounts. They are informed that they have "X" number of people in their (front-end) downline, and if they don't activate, they lose their downline.

Our "blind front-end program" is called "MonsterPreLaunch" and two "Gateway Pages" have been developed:

Much of the power of blind front-end marketing stems from the marketing psychology applied:

  1. It's designed to generate excitement. ("Get into this huge new business before the masses!")
  2. It uses the "Don't-Get-Left-Behind" motivator. ("Tell everyone you know before they start contacting you about getting involved.")
  3. It's very generalized. All the specifics people typically object to, or say "No" to, have been eliminated. This is very powerful marketing psychology!
  4. One or more powerful testimonials to create credibility. (One of the most important reasons why people don't join programs is because they're skeptical.) The "testimonials* are very powerful!
  5. It uses the curiosity motivator. ("I can't wait to find out exactly what this new business is about and how it works!"; "Who is Mr. X?")

For an excellent example of blind front-end marketing, see GlobalPreLaunch.

Note: Soon after launching MonsterPreLaunch, MegaBooster* members (about 3,000) and BigBooster7Million* members (about 33,000) will be imported into MonsterPreLaunch. They will have a week or 10 days to activate their MonsterPreLaunch accounts, or be dropped. (* See Sponsoring Protocol.) This will make MonsterPreLaunch grow much faster than would otherwise be the case.

MonsterPreLaunch was launched on August 17-18th, 2004. By 10.45 PM EST on August 19th, ID #1 (Frederick Mann) had sponsored 328 people out of 703 members -- others had already sponsored 375 members. This is exactly the kind of "downline action" to be expected from BLIND FRONT-END MARKETING!


"Yes, I am interested in being one of the myriad developers of HAB. I think this is one of the very brightest things you have ever come up with, with the potential to grow in all sorts of productive and creative directions." -- Dr. Richard Sauder

It may be possible to create a "vehicle" individuals can use to considerably (or even greatly) increase their abilities in various areas of their lives. In my opinion, this may be particularly important for those who have "contributions to improve humankind and/or the world." This is the purpose of HAB, which will be an important part of MegaBooster PRO.

Some people have benefited from the writings on and Over the years, many people have so indicated. A few examples:

3/13/97: "...Then I find your webpage ...and I just wanted to write and tell you what an incredible WHOOSH it has been. I intend to spend the weekend buried in all of your reports. It must be that I've come to the right point in my own thinking that I am now ready for at least some of your ideas... I was telling a friend the other day that my brain synapses were horny. I'm going to have an orgy this weekend!" -- PN
9/28/00: "I discovered your websites two years ago. At that point I was almost $20,000 in debt (my girlfriend was minus $50,000). I was convinced I had been effectively converted to slave status... Within two months I stopped all collection action on my girlfriend's debt. Within a year my own debt was completely eliminated and no longer did I view myself as a slave. As I approach the two-year anniversary [of my discovery of your websites], I can report that I now have $50,000 working for me, primarily offshore. My debt is zero!" ...I'm not going to pretend that I owe it all to Frederick Mann or his websites, but at the same time... I can only encourage everyone to study diligently,, and their recommended readings." -- SC
9/5/02: "Excellent site, I've visited it on and off over the past year or so, and definitely have to complement Mr. Mann on the quantity and quality of his writing. The material on this site, overall, is quite enlightening." -- Michael Anissimov; Director, Immortality Institute
12/24/03: "Your writings and teaching this year have helped me grow tremendously. What an incredible gift you have given me. I greatly appreciate it." -- KN

Maybe the time has come to create a more effective "vehicle" that a higher percentage of people can use to increase their abilities in various areas of their lives. There are undoubtedly thousands of people in the world who can contribute to this objective.

HAB is not only aimed at people who want to increase their own abilities, but also at those who are concerned about "the state of the world" (poverty, hunger, health, disease, deforestation, pollution, hostilities, violence, human rights, destructive political and economic systems, overreaching politicians, bureaucrats, police, and military, etc.). HAB is intended o be a self-improvement as well as a world-improvement project.

HAB is also a networking vehicle, structured so all participants can earn good money from their involvement. Furthermore, groups can use it as a means to fund their own projects. MegaBooster PRO makes this possible.

The HAB Module could have content along the following lines:

  1. Online tests that enable members to "find out where they are" in respect of:
  2. An adaptation of appropriate parts of the website that approaches "general failure" (underachievement) as an addiction and provides remedies.
  3. Materials, organized so as to be most useful, that enable members to increase their abilities in specific areas.
  4. Checksheets that enable members to incrementally increase their ability in any particular area, along an appropriate gradient of increasing difficulty.
  5. Online tests to determine how well members have mastered particular aspects of any topic or subject.
  6. The choice to receive series of email lessons on certain topics.
  7. Networking facilities such as those provided by New Civilization Network and World Transformation (see "We are the New Civilization" -- an example of superior brain software).
  8. Community facilities for groups such as:
  9. Annotated links to additional resources.
  10. Etc.

The HAB Module could have a Development Team consisting of the following:

HAB Developers can be compensated for their contributions in a number of ways:


The HAB Module is likely to provide great values to MegaBooster PRO members. Many of the writings on and can be taken off those sites, updated, and included in MegaBooster PRO as products.

As MegaBooster PRO members advance their membership level to Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master, progressively more advanced "Money-Power Concepts" (MPCs) are revealed to them. As you master and integrate the MPCs, your relationship with money changes drastically. You gain a series of understandings about yourself and money that give you more and more control. Gradually, you gain mastery and wealth. Eventually, you enjoy the kinds of advantages billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and George Soros take for granted. Here's a small "taste" of some of the MPCs that will be revealed to you as a MegaBooster PRO member:


Fran Tarkenton (legendary NFL quarterback & business consultant) has provided some powerful lessons on starting your own business, motivation, training, and related issues, and "how to win the game" in his online books:

MegaBooster PRO is being designed so that members are progressively presented with simple choices coupled with rewards for making the best choices. The implementation of the best of Fran Tarkenton!

I (Frederick Mann) have written/compiled a series of 10 "POWER MOTIVATE FOR MILLION$!" email lessons intended to aid people to motivate themselves:

To receive my 10 email lessons, send a blank email to Some ISPs filter out a lot of email. If you don't receive the first of the 10 motivation emails within 5-10 minutes, I suggest you open a free Safe-Mail, Yahoo, or ZipLip email account and use that to order the 10 motivation emails.

Perhaps, with the aid of those more knowledgeable about motivation, a series of more effective lessons could be developed and included in MegaBooster PRO as part of the product line.


To create a better world requires thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions of individuals who both improve their own lives and also help "spread the improvements." In a sense, "better individals" need to "conquer the world." As of this writing (August, 2004), the "forces of darkness" have the upper hand practically everywhere on Earth, and by a huge margin. We need to engineer a huge power shift from the "forces of darkness" to "better individals."

Fortunately, there are some steps individuals can take to quickly improve their lives:

  1. Read and/or listen to the FREE 30-page booklet THE SUCCESS FORMULA: Three Timeless Principles that will Turbocharge Your Success and Dramatically Improve Your Life.
  2. Combine the "Three Timeless Principles" with Purple Curve Effect: SKI's Throughput on Command ($1) and you'll have "the most powerful Thinking Process/Work Approach" available to you.
  3. Use Idenics to remove unwanted conditions from you life. Idenics is so effective and efficient that, what often takes years to achieve with typical therapies, usually takes hours or even minutes with Idenics!
    "I've been set free and I owe it all to Mike Goldstein, Frederick Mann (for his recommendation), and Idenics. For years I've been battling a specific problem that I thought I would never conquer, but after a free introductory Idenics session, the change was immediate. I hadn't planned to mention this particular issue during my first session, since I thought it would simply be too difficult to release in such a short period of time. I didn't think it would be fair to begin with this issue, but Mike said we should start with whatever I felt was most important. After the session it was like a switch had been flipped and I had become my old self again. My issue was a burden that I had assumed I would deal with for the rest of my life, but now it just seems trivial and stupid! Near the end of my session I had a revelation, realizing that my problem was connected to something I had never considered throughout years of self-analysis. Idenics is the REAL DEAL! I would recommend it to every single person on this planet. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" -- M.M. (8/12/04)
  4. Rational Recovery® Developed by Jack and Lois Trimpey, Rational Recovery® is an amazingly powerful technique practically anyone can use to fully recover from alcohol and/or drug addiction "in as short a time as they like." Simply click on "Recover Now" and do the crash course on Addictive Voice Recognition Technique® (AVRT®). In my (Frederick Mann's) opinion, you can also recover from "addiction to failure," "addiction to self-defeating behaviors," etc. by doing AVRT® and, as you go through it, replacing "alcohol/drugs" with whatever your "self-destructive behavior patterns" might be. I suspect that practically everyone can become happier, more competent, and more effective by doing AVRT® as I suggest! By recognizing self-defeating thoughts and negativity as coming from your "BEAST" -- you simply "KILL THE BEAST!"
  5. BECOME A 10X PERFORMING PERSON! In your head you may have a "program" about how fast your earnings, business, and/or achievements can grow. "10% per year" is a typical "growth program." Such a program may hold you back! Would you like to achieve and/or earn TEN TIMES as much as you are now achieving and/or earning? If your answer is "YES!" find out how at:
  6. Become the "Creative Force of Your Life!" -- "Shift from your Comfort Zone to your Creative Zone!" -- see "THE POWER OF THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE" in #TL10: HOW TO ACHIEVE AND INCREASE PERSONAL POWER.
  7. Unleash the awesome power of your intuitive mind by learning to "ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS!" -- see Breaking the Rules: Removing the Obstacles to Effortless High Performance by Kurt Wright and Clear Purpose Management, Inc.
  8. Learn The "X-Factor" For Success: The 11th Element:The Key to Unlocking Your Master Blueprint for Wealth and Success by Robert Scheinfeld.

By taking some of the above steps you can get on "the path of the Better-World Builder!" But there's a lot more related to competence that some of us need to address in order to become effective Better-World Builders. What follows is written in the context of Internet marketing and making money on the Internet. The theme can also be adapted to other areas of life.

In "INTERNET MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS & PROFESSIONALS" you can find the "IMB - Internet Marketing Baby to IMG - Internet Marketing Guru" scale. It may be useful to expand the scale along the following lines:

Your Win-Lose Switch The Hopeless-to-Guru Scale

Level 6 - IG - Internet Guru - Mastery - Win-Lose-Switch: WLS=10
Level 5 - IP - Internet Professional - Achievement - WLS=9
Level 4 - IS - Internet Sprinter - Acceleration - WLS=8
Level 3 - IR - Internet Runner (Genius Rat) - Speed - WLS=7
Level 2 - IW - Internet Walker (Trained Rat) - Learning - WLS=6
Level 1 - IC - Internet Crawler (Clever Rat) - Exploration - WLS=5
Level 0 - IB - Internet Baby (Naive Rat) - Curiosity - WLS=4
Level -1 - II - Internet Idiot (Dumb Rat) - Stupidity - WLS=3
Level -2 - IF - Internet Flake or Wimp (Lame Rat) - Helplessness - WLS=2
Level -3 - IN - Internet Negaholic (Retarded Rat) - Negativity - WLS=1
Level -4 - HC - Hopeless Case (Dead Rat) - Apathy - WLS=0

The idea is to be able to suggest to people that they look at the scale to "find out where they are." For each level, the scale will include a list of things people can do to move up to the next level.

There could be FORMULAS for each level. What are the REWARDS available at each level?

There could be motivational and humorous stories to inspire people to take the necessary steps to advance.

For some background information, see:

During a conversation with Mike Goldstein, he said, "What if the problem is that people don't read and understand what they need to do?"

That led me to think: What if many people don't know HOW TO UNDERSTAND? What if they can "learn" a few things by crude imitation, but they aren't really capable of much understanding? Many people could have a low UQ ("understand quotient").

Similarly, What if many people don't know very much about HOW TO LEARN? Many people could have a low LQ ("learn quotient") -- see #TL03C: HOW TO WAKE UP YOUR DESIRE TO LEARN, GROW & SUCCEED.

The following paragraphs from #TL10: HOW TO ACHIEVE AND INCREASE PERSONAL POWER are most important:

"One evening I was watching Jodie Foster being interviewed on TV. Suddenly she says, "I developed an awareness of the causality of my actions by the time I was ten years old." Most of us never develop that awareness fully. Most of us grew up with a reduced awareness of the causality of our actions. It's so much easier to blame others, to run to "authorities" to "save" us... or just to do nothing.

The awareness of the causality of my actions is the essence of my personal power. "Awareness of the causality of my actions" is another way of expressing "the cognitive links between my actions and the consequences or results I produce."

How often do you hear of a small plane that crashed in bad weather or smog soon after takeoff or while attempting to land under similar circumstances? The pilots were not aware of the causality of their actions. Could the major problems that beset the world (war, drugs, crime, gang violence, pollution, inflation, unemployment, homelessness, degenerative diseases, etc.) actually be indicative of the extent to which humans generally are unaware of the causality of their actions?

In general, a causative or cognitive link between action and outcome is expressed in the form of a heuristic (rule of thumb), hypothesis, or prediction along these lines: "If I do 'A' under conditions 'B,' then the outcome is 'C' - 'D' percent of the time." Examples: "If I wash my hands with soap and water, after reading the newspaper, the outcome is clean hands 99% of the time." "If I wash my hands with soap and water, after fixing my car, the outcome is clean hands 5% of the time." "If I wash my hands with "supercleaner," soap, and water, after fixing my car, the outcome is clean hands 95% of the time." These hypotheses or predictions are continuously tested and refined. This is the basic way we learn how the world works."

What if many people have a poor understanding of CAUSATION? When marriages break up, it's usually the woman who announces that "it's over." In a high percentage of cases, the man "never saw it coming." Many people could have a low CaQ ("causationn quotient"). Reminds me of a couple on Dr. Phil McGraw's show to "rescue their relationship." One of them says that the only reason he/she came to show was to get his/her partner "fixed." "I'm perfect; he/she causes all the problems!" To what extent do IQ tests measure CaQ ("causationn quotient")?

Improving understanding of causation is a vital element of becoming more competent!

Also, in order for people to raise their win-lose switches toward "10," they may need to CHANGE. But what if many people know little or nothing about the "principles of change?" Many people could have a low ChQ ("change quotient"). Maybe most "self-improvement" books, seminars, etc. are relatively useless because they don't cover the "principles of change." So readers, etc. don't benefit because they can't make the necessary changes. ('Your Own Worst Enemy: Breaking the Habit of Adult Underachievement' by Kenneth W. Christian, Ph.D. devotes many pages to the "principles of change.") To what extent do IQ tests measure ChQ ("change quotient")?

To succeed at making money on the Internet also requires at least some basic computer and Internet skills -- see #TL10E: THE POWER OF DOING THINGS RIGHT.

Dr. Lawrence J. Peter devoted much of his life to the exploration of competence and incompetence in his books:

The Peter Principle states: "In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence."

Maybe there's a corollary: People outside hierarchies have an even stronger tendency to attempt things beyond their level of competence! Maybe about 98% of people trying to make money on the Internet -- with their win-lose switches stuck at around "2" -- are simply too incompetent to succeed!

What I call the "OSTRICH FACTOR" may be most important!

The term "ostrich factor" comes from the chapter title "The Denial of Personal Disadvantage Among You, Me, and All the Other Ostriches" (by Crosby, Faye, Ann Pufall, Rebecca Claire Snyder, Marion O'Connell, and Peg Whalen. (1989); Pp.79-99 in 'Gender and Thought: Psychological Perspectives' edited by Mary Crawford, and Margaret Gentry. New York: Springer-Verlag).

A great deal of research has been done to demonstrate that relatively incompetent people tend to overestimate their level of competence. And, the more incompetent people are, the more they tend to overestimate their competence.



You can read much more about this in #TL10E: THE POWER OF DOING THINGS RIGHT.

What this amounts to is that many people are likely to think that their win-lose switch in some area of their life is at 4, 5, or higher... when a more accurate assessment might be 2 or 3!


A good place for some people to start may be 'Your Own Worst Enemy: Breaking the Habit of Adult Underachievement' by Kenneth W. Christian, Ph.D.

Incompetence is mostly a function of bad brain software!

A "Hopeless-to-Guru Scale" for Better-World Builders could be designed with levels corresponding to win-lose switch levels ranging from zero to ten. In the same way that the average person would need to attend West Point or a similar training facility in order to become a professional soldier with win-lose switch up to 9 or 10, Better-World Academies are necessary to train Better-World Builders.

Better-World Builders need to "put on their hats." The word "hat" is used here in the same way Scientologists use it. (Although there may be some "bad" in Scientology, there's also a great deal of "good" -- see #TL15A: The Good and the Bad.) Your "hat" includes all the knowledge, skills, and expertise you need to perform your task or job. Suppose we define "Better-World Builder Level 0" to "Better-World Builder Level 10." For each level we could identify the knowledge, skills, and expertise a Better-World Builder needs to master to operate successfully at that level. A checklist or checksheet could be compiled for each level with an appropriate sequence in which to acquire the knowledge, skills, and expertise of that level. Better-World Academies could provide the training necessary for each level. They would provide the necessary guidance to ensure that students "complete their checksheets" for each level.

(Although it may seem silly to compile "checksheets of knowledge, skills, and expertise" to operate at low levels, such as "Level -4 - HC - Hopeless Case (Dead Rat) - Apathy - WLS=0," if "low-level people" can learn to deliberately, intentionally, and consciously operate at these levels, they will find it much easier to learn to advance to higher levels. Typically, people "stuck at low levels," operate at these levels without control. By learning to deliberately operate at these levels, they gain control, which enables them to move up.)

I suspect that over 90% of the human population, at least in some areas of their lives, operate at these levels:

If my suspicion is correct, there's a huge potential demand for Better-World Academies to "bridge the gap." There are undoubtedly thousands of individuals, groups, organizations, and companies that perform some "Better-World Academy functions." Here are a few:

Maybe some of the above (and some of all the other thousands not mentioned) can be motivated to extend their services to provide more of the training necessary to produce effective Better-World Builders. The potential demand may be much larger than most realize! It's unrealistic to expect that there will ever be a single "Better-World Academy" that provides all the services and training a Better-World Builder could benefit from. So you're advised to "shop around!"

Strategy is most important for Better-World Builders. In the book Purple Curve Effect: SKI's Throughput on Command there's a suggestion that you find the weakest link in your chain and fix that. Asking the right questions is also most important. It's highly advisable for Better-World Builders to think in terms of the strategy that will increase their personal effectiveness as quickly as possible and by as high a degree as possible.

When it comes to tackling the rest of the world, strategy may be even more important. For example, you could invest a great deal into "reforming an education system." Then the next coercive politician or bureaucrat who takes over control of that education system undoes all your reforms in one fell swoop... and all your effort has been wasted. As an early step in tackling a project like "improving education" you may want to research the nature of the education system. Good places to start might be John Taylor Gatto and The Odysseus Group and "Are Our Schools Concentration Campuses for Mind Destruction?" It's important to realize that just because something is called an "education system" does not necessarily mean that those in control of the system regard "education" as their top priority. Brainwashing and mind destruction may be higher on their agenda.

Better-World Builders who use poor strategies may render themselves ineffective. Another important consideration is whether a system you're trying to improve is part of a larger system. For example if the "education system" you're trying to improve is part of a larger "government system" and the "government system" is "corrupt to the core"... then you may need to "fix the government system" before you can "fix the education system." You may want to start by researching #TL07B: THE NATURE OF GOVERNMENT.(What might be the "weakest link" of humanity in general?)

You could do worse than studying "It's the Strategy, Stupid!". The recommendations in this article include Strategy of the Dolphin: Scoring a Win in a Chaotic World by Dudley Lynch & Paul L. Kordis. Also highly recommended: The Mother of All Minds: Leaping Free of an Outdated Human Nature by Dudley Lynch.

The article "LIBERTOOLS: WAVE OF THE FUTURE!" may be very important in selecting your Better-World Strategies.

The sections that follow may be relevant to people "stuck at low levels" in some areas of their lives:


The following provide some indication of the extent of underachievement and self-sabotage, and the available remedies:

Self-Sabotage versus Success Criteria

Examples of inferior vs. superior brain software!

by: Dr. Daniel Amen**

Attitudes of Self-Sabotage Success
  1. blames others
  2. no plans
  3. expects to fail
  4. counts on luck
  5. repeats mistakes
  6. rigid/inflexible
  • personal responsibility
  • focused goals
  • expects to succeed
  • prepared for luck
  • learns from mistakes
  • creative

Work Habits of Self-Sabotage Success
  1. unobservant
  2. uninformed
  3. unprepared/unorganized
  4. trouble making decisions
  5. inability to delegate
  6. impulsive
  7. overly cautious
  • observant
  • informed
  • prepared/organized
  • able to make decisions
  • delegates
  • disciplined
  • takes reasonable risks

Interactional Self-Sabotage Success
  1. inability to communicate
  2. surrounded by negative people
  3. unable to learn from others
  4. shies away from competition
  5. insensitive to others
  6. dependence on others
  • good communication skills
  • surrounded by positive people
  • teachable
  • sees competition as win-win
  • empathic toward others
  • independent

Individual Self-Sabotage Success
  1. stinking thinking***
  2. fear of success
  3. emotional disorders (depression, anxiety, drug/alcohol abuse)
  4. lack of energy
  5. lack of integrity
  6. lack of self-confidence
  7. gives up easily
  • accurate perception
  • motivated for success
  • mental health
  • energetic
  • integrity
  • self-esteem
  • persistence

(** Dr. Daniel Amen is author of 'Don't Shoot Yourself in the Foot: A Program to End Self-Defeating Behavior Forever.'
*** To correct "stinking thinking," see #TL10E: THE POWER OF DOING THINGS RIGHT.)


The vast majority of people trying to make money on the Internet, I get into contact with, seem to be at a level of helplessness.

Helplessness is the opposite of power. Many people are stuck in helplessness and hopelessness. Helplessness can be a pernicious trap. If you are helpless you also tend to be helpless about your helplessness.

The book 'Helplessness' by Martin E. P. Seligman contains a comprehensive theory of helplessness, including cause and cure -- all supported by ample experimental evidence.

A basic experiment illustrates the nature of the origin of helplessness: A "naive" dog (one that hasn't been specially treated or conditioned) is placed in a "shuttle-box" (a box with two compartments, separated by a barrier a dog can jump). Electric current is applied to the compartment with the dog, shocking it. The dog soon jumps across the barrier into the other compartment, escaping the shock. A second dog, secured in a hammock, is "conditioned" with electric shock. This dog can shut off the current by pressing its nose against a panel. It quickly learns to do this. When this dog is placed in the shuttle-box and current applied, it also soon jumps across the barrier, escaping the shock. A third dog is also conditioned in the hammock. But this dog has no way to escape the shock. When it is placed in the shuttle-box and the current applied, it lies down and whines, enduring the shock.

(Note that in the above paragraph, dog one is shocked in a shuttle-box, dogs two and three first in a hammock then in the shuttle-box. It may be necessary to read the previous paragraph several times so you understand the mechanics of the experiment.)

According to Seligman's theory, the third dog acquired "learned helplessness." In the hammock it learned that no action it could take would change the outcome of being shocked. It learned that the outcome was independent of its actions -- and it generalized this "conclusion." The dog was affected in three important aspects: motivationally, cognitively, and emotionally. In the shuttle-box the third dog was not sufficiently motivated to persist in findin a way to escape the shock. The cognitive link between action and consequence (outcome) had been severed in the dog's brain as a result of the conditioning in the hammock. And the dog had become more prone to anxiety.

Many (if not most) humans have to some extent been conditioned like the third dog. We were all helpless babies... and human babies remain relatively helpless for a much longer time than the babies of most other mammals... Many of us experience a variety of situations where we are helpless to influence certain outcomes -- exemplified by phrases like "nothing is as certain as death and taxes."

Learned helplessness tends to be a generalized phenomenon. When a dog or human "learns" that there is no connection between action and outcome in a particular domain, this is often generalized to other areas of life...

Helplessness, then, can be recognized by:

Apply this procedure to cure helplessness:

The "Jodie Foster story -- Better-World Builders and Better-World Academies -- is very relevant here.

For more on helplessness and overcoming it, see:

Learned helplessness is an example of debilitating brain software!


Many people, before they can make any significant progess in their lives, need to handle the issue of negativity. I don't know to what percentage of the population this applies, but the percentage may be very high: perhaps 70-80%! It's also very likely that many people are subject to "downspirals." As a reaction to "bad" experiences they make false conclusions and become more negative. This tends to render them less happy, competent, and capable over time. (As a possible illustration of this "downspiral," Dr. Phil McGraw reported on his TV show (early August, 2004) that in America about 50% of first marriages end in divorce, over 60% of second marriages end in divorce, and over 85% of third marriages end in divorce!)

If negativity is an "unwanted condition" in your life, Idenics may be the quickest and most effective way to overcome it. See also:


From The Guardian, Friday October 10, 2003:
"How scientists proved that the pain of rejection is all too real"

"...[T]o the brain, a social snub is just like stubbing a toe.

Brain scans carried out on volunteers showed that when they suffered a social snub, the brain's "pain centre" went into overdrive. The finding suggests that any emotional stress, such as the demise of a relationship or the loss of a loved one, might be far more closely linked to real pain than previously thought."

In the book 'Get Out of Your Own Way: Escape from Mind Traps,' Tom Rusk, M.D. covers a number of "mind traps" relevant to our "motivation challenge":

The two books by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway' and 'Feel the Fear ...and Beyond' may be useful for those who allow their fears to demotivate themselves.

Subjecting yourself to the fear of rejection is an example of bad brain software!

How to Overcome the Fear of Rejection: The Successful Rejection Experience
by Jonathan Robinson, MA, MFT

When I was seventeen, I was very shy - especially with attractive women my own age. By the time I was a freshman in college, I had only been on two dates. Driven by teen-age hormones, I really wanted to meet and go out with some women, but I was terrified of being rejected. My fear was like a prison, keeping me locked away in self-imposed loneliness. One day, I vowed I would overcome my fear. I decided that the only way I was going to become free of my fear was to plow my way through it. I enlisted the help of a good friend to make sure I had the motivation to face my fright head on. I gave my friend $50 and told him, "Don't give me this money back unless I get rejected by ten different women by the end of today." I figured that by experiencing ten rejections, I would know what it felt like and my fear would lessen. The money I gave to my friend would help me stay motivated to complete my mission.

I strolled down to the University Center to seek out attractive women. As I approached the first woman, sweat was literally dripping from my forehead. My knees began shaking, and as I said "hello," my voice cracked. When the teen-age girl turned and saw me shaking and sweating, she worriedly asked, "Are you all right? Do you need me to call an ambulance?" She thought I was having an epileptic seizure. I assured her she didn't need to call an ambulance, and that I'd soon be okay. A brief, awkward conversation ensued before I finally mumbled, "Would you like to go out together sometime?" In a kind voice she responded that she had a boyfriend, but that she was flattered that I had asked. As we parted ways, I took out an index card from my pocket and marked down one rejection. Then, as I thought, "Only nine more to go," I began to breathe again.

Fortunately, each rejection got easier. In fact, I soon noticed that the women I spoke to seemed more nervous than I. My rejections were proceeding rapidly and smoothly until the seventh woman I approached. When I asked her for a date, she said, "Sure." I hadn't thought of the possibility of someone saying "Yes," so I said, "Sure what?" She finally convinced me she really wanted to go out with me. I wrote down her number, and in a state of happy amazement, soon asked another woman for a date. To my surprise, she also said "Yes." By this time, I was feeling totally at ease while I asked women out, and they frequently responded by giving me their phone number. In fact, after a while I had so many dates that I had to begin acting like a jerk in order to fill my quota of ten rejections (and get my $50 bucks back). After I had received eight phone numbers from various women, I managed to get my tenth rejection. In one magical hour I set up my love life for my freshman year and put a big dent in my fear of rejection.

From this experience I surmised that the key to overcoming one's fear of rejection is to set it up so that getting rejected is seen as a success. My actual goal was to get ten rejections, and only by doing so would I be rewarded by getting my money back. As I faced my fear, I saw that it wasn't so bad. I could survive. Since I was fully prepared for what would happen, it didn't seem like a big deal anymore. I noticed that with each and every rejection, it got easier. In addition, as my fear went away and I became more relaxed, I was often rewarded with an unexpected "yes."

Perhaps there is some area in your life in which the fear of rejection has kept you from moving forward. Maybe you've made success too important. Instead, try rewarding yourself for just making an effort and getting a "no." For example, you might decide to get three "no" responses to your sales calls each day, or one "no" per week from potential dates. My guess is that you'll survive. In fact, you'll probably get some unexpected "yes" responses along the way.

If doing an exercise like this strikes you as too difficult or scary, then you're probably a good candidate for it. To make it a bit easier for you, you can begin by asking someone to lunch who would not normally be your first choice for a date. After all, if they say "no," it won't matter to you so much. Once you've built up your "ability" to be okay in the face of rejection, you'll be better prepared to approach people who you really want to spend time with. Ultimately, the ability to face rejection is one of the most important skills a person can learn in order to create both personal and business success.


Jonathan Robinson is a professional speaker and the best-selling author of Shortcuts to Bliss, Communication Miracles for Couples, and Shortcuts to Success: the best ways to master your money, time, health and relationships. He offers free articles about success in relationships on his web site:

His email address is


"From a motivational standpoint, psychological reversal is a perversion of how one's system ought to work. [emphasis added] Psychologically, reversal appears to originate when aspirations are constantly thwarted, or when an individual develops a strong sub-conscious tendency to denigrate himself and expect failure. My observations suggest that physical stress may also generate psychological reversal in an individual with a proclivity in that direction. However, whatever the origin of the condition, its effects are definite -- and devastating." -- Dr.Roger J. Callahan (Five Minute Phobia Cure: Dr. Callahan's Treatment for Fears, Phobias and Self-Sabotage

Considering that practically all human behavior is chosen -- Choice Theory®: The psychology of William Glasser, M.D. (author of Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom), stating that almost all human behavior is chosen -- the psychology that explains the power of voluntary cooperation and why coercion/violence causes misery -- it follows that "psychological maladies" such as Underachievement and Self-Sabotage, Learned Helplessness, Negativity, Fear of Rejection, etc. are all forms of chosen behavior. It also means that you can "unsnap out of them" or "unchoose" them.

Furthermore, all such "psychologial maladies" can be regarded as elements of psychological reversal. So, if you have a general understanding of psychological reversal it may help you deal with any of its elements more easily. Psychological reversal is covered in some detail in:


As a general practice, or when a particularly useful "new piece of brain software" becomes available for you to install and implement, it may be useful to ask:

#1. WHAT BASIC OR FUNDAMENTAL BRAIN SOFTWARE MAY I REQUIRE HERE? (Vince Lombardi was one of the best football coaches of all time because he imparted football basics or fundamentals to his players better than anyone else -- "Gentleman, this is a football...")



#4. WHAT "BRAIN-CHANGE SOFTWARE" WOULD BE USEFUL FOR ME TO INSTALL AND IMPLEMENT SO ALL FUTURE UPGRADES CAN BE INSTALLED AND IMPLEMENTED MORE EASILY? (The book 'Your Own Worst Enemy: Breaking the Habit of Adult Underachievement' by Kenneth W. Christian, Ph.D. devotes many pages to the "principles of change.")



Questions like #1 - #3, above, can be asked iteratively until a series of "necessary preliminary software steps" have been identified, that need to be taken before a particular "new piece of brain software" can be installed and implemented.

Consider someone trying to market on the Internet. He has "pieces of brain software" like: "I give up easily"; "If I don't get immediate results, I try something else"; "I don't like difficult things"; etc. Before he can install and implement in his brain "Internet marketing software," he may have to change or dump some of his existing brain software.

In order to market on the Internet, certain computer and Internet skills are required: managing folders and files, copy-and-paste, handling email, using signature files, subscribing and posting to safelists, using a "group mailer," using Google to find tutorials, etc. These skills involve installing and implementing "pieces of brain software." You may need to install and implement them before you can install and implement in your brain certain "Internet marketing software."


In certain situations you may get stuck in "fixed identities" that seem to "force" you to behave in unworkable ways. Such "identities" may cause "unwanted conditions" in your life. Such "fixed identities" may also prevent you from learning skills like Internet marketing. Such problems can be resolved through Idenics and/or Mental Imagery Procedures (MIP).

(Maybe the "fixed-identity model" can provide some insight into the unworkability of coercive political systems. "Presidents," "Prime Ministers," "Senators," "Representatives," etc. -- all the way down to the lowliest bureaucrat -- may all operate, at least some of the time, as "fixed identities." Fixed-identity coercive political systems may effectively "compel" politicians, bureaucrats, government teachers, etc., at all levels, to often behave in unworkable ways toward their citizen victims. "Democide" (murder by government) may be the worst consequence -- see Freedom, Democracy, Peace; Power, Democide, and War. Note that author R.J. Rummel may have "inferior brain software" concerning "power." Maybe, if he changed his "power" to "coercive power" (and explained the difference between "power" and "coercive power"), his message would be even more effective! See 'WAKE UP AMERICA! THE DYNAMICS OF HUMAN POWER' and "Why You Must Recognize and Understand Coercion." Another possible weakness of Rummel's website is that he doesn't sufficiently emphasize democide by agents of US Governments.)


André Bacard wrote the books Hunger for Power: Who Rules the World and How and The Affirmist Manifesto. His formulations will be modified and expanded, primarily by Frederick Mann and Mark Lindsay, as "Affirmism" -- possibly part of the HAB Module.

A most important part of Affirmism is that individuals completely eradicate their 'social identity' and 'instinctual identity' as described in Actualism. See particularly Introducing Actual Freedom. See also "BRAIN SOFTWARE SEQUENCING" (below), particularly #2 and #5. Idenics can be used to speed up the eradication of 'social identity' and 'instinctual identity.'

'Political identity' can be regarded as part of 'social identity.' Part of "Advanced Affirmism" is to eradicate your 'political identity' -- see Clear-Your-Mind Reports.

Ghost-Not can be regarded as part of 'social identity' and needs to be reversed or eradicated.


What mysterious "power" makes it possible for ants (with their miniscule brains) to collaborate and perform all the functions related to the building and maintenance of a giant ant nest? It's called "stigmergy." What if humans could use the principles of\ stigmergy to collaborate in much more powerful ways compared to traditional businesses and networks?

On his "Stigmergic Systems" website, Peter Small writes, "To be able to understand how biological systems can create order out of disorder, it is necessary to first shake off all the preconceived ideas that have been programmed into our minds by conventional education." Maybe stigmergy can be applied to make MegaBooster PRO and HAB much more effective.


In many areas of your life, you can make your brain software 10 times more powerful!

In your head you most likely have a "program" about how fast your earnings and/or business can grow. "10% per year" is a typical "growth program." If you have such a program in your brain, it almost forces you to think and act in ways that limit you to "10%-per-year" growth. It's a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy!

Would you like to earn ten times as much as you are now earning?

You most likely have a "rate-of-growth" program in your brain that limits your thinking and actions, holding you back.

In 1984, Jack Welch who was then Chairman of General Electric Corporation, was introduced to the "ten-times-growth" (10X) program. Over a period of 18 months, starting in 1985 when GE was a $30 billion company, the "10X-growth" program was introduced to thousands of GE managers. By 1988, GE had grown into a $300 billion company, and as a result GE's shareholder value had grown ten times!

At we apply the "ten-times-growth" (10X) program.

If you are not yet utilizing the "ten-times-growth" (10X) program, we're happy to tell you that FREE TRAINING (via email) is available.

Do you want the FREE "ten-times-growth" (10X) training?

The training consists of 35 interactive lessons. There are no fees of any kind. The success of the 10X approach is based on a few basic principles:

1. Your current results in life are a direct consequence of your general thinking skills, the way you think about yourself, what you do, and how you do it.

2. Your future results in life can be much better than they have been in the past.

3. Your current thinking skills and/or brain software can be upgraded.

4. The most powerful way to do this is through daily training.

5. You are able to find around 20 minutes a day to do this, most days.

6. Self-expression and feedback are very important aspects of learning and improvement and should not be underestimated or neglected.

More good news! FREE Sales X 10 training (called NewSell and consisting of 15 interactive lessons) is now also available.

Delighted Frederick created the X-10 Thinkers auto-responder system... I highly endorse the Build Freedom Initiative and Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson's School Of Thinking...I did his NewSell and SOT Instructors Training Courses, then became a School Of Thinking Senior Instructor. Applying knowledge in the X-10 Thinkers Email Series continually produces desired results; including founding an IDEAL Academy for An Ever-Better World." -- Darlene Sartore -

To receive more details on the FREE 10X training, and where you can get it, send a blank email to or enter your email address and name below.

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