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There are many different ways to move money to and from your offshore account - but remember, some ways are better than others!

Bank Draft/Cashier's Check. This is still a good way, provided you don't send too large an amount at one time. You can purchase a Draft from most banks and do not need to fully identify yourself.

Telegraphic/Wire Transfer. This is okay if you're moving money from one offshore account to another - but don't do it from your home country to your offshore account, as it will both advise the bank of where the funds are coming from - and where they are going to. And banks may be required to report amounts above certain limits.

Personal/Company Cheque. This method is also too easily traced - both where it's going and where it's from, and should never be used to shift your funds from "onshore" to "offshore".

Cheque Recycling. If you can endorse any incoming cheques over to your creditors, then you will be able to hide the existence of that money.

Secured Credit Cards. With deposit backed cards, you don't have to provide the same level of personal identification - even better if a trust owns the account. That way you can access funds from ATMs or purchase goods and services without attracting any attention.

Money Market Accounts. You can write a personal cheque to your money market account, then use a money market cheque to move funds to your offshore account. This still leaves a paper trail of sorts, but is difficult to uncover, especially if you later close the money market account.

International Money Order. In some countries you can still purchase these from the Post Office. They have the advantage of being anonymous.

Western Union. You can use this service to make fast money transfers. It costs more than what banks charge, but you can retain your privacy - provided you keep the transfers below certain limits.

Travelers Cheques. This is a very good way to move funds - provided you don't attract attention to yourself by purchasing too many from the same source.

First Class Airline Tickets. This is an unusual one. With an open first class air ticket, you are able to gain a refund if you later change your plans. Armed with with a "high value" ticket, you have in your hands a nice "invisible" and convertible form of money.


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